10 Best Teams To Use In Madden 24’s Franchise Mode

If you want to do really well in Franchise Mode of Madden 24, you should keep an eye on the best teams to pick!

A lot of people like playing sports games where they can direct their favorite athletes or even make their own players. In Madden 24, one of the best modes is still taking charge of a whole series.

You will need to choose which team you will be in charge of after deciding whether to make a Franchise alone or with other people. You can handle as many teams as you want, so we’ve put together a list of the best teams you should use in Franchise mode.

Miami Dolphins – 82

tyreek hill scoring touchdown

After getting great wide receiver Tyreek Hill in 1998, many people thought the Miami Dolphins would be a contender in the AFC East. While the season wasn’t as good as fans had hoped, the Dolphins did manage to get the last Wild Card spot. The Dolphins lost to the Buffalo Bills, who are in the same division, but they almost pulled off an upset, and the future looks bright for them.

If you play like the Dolphins, you might have some long-term success, but only if Tua Tagovailoa (83) stays fit. Last season, the quarterback got hit in the head several times, so having a strong offensive line is very important. At CB, Jalen Ramsey (97), who plays for Miami and has an 85% rating, is the best in the game. The Dolphins have all the tools they need to be a good Franchise choice, even though it might be tough to fight in a division with Josh Allen and now Aaron Rodgers.

Los Angeles Chargers – 83

justin herbert dropping back to pass

When he was in his third season, Justin Herbert (87), the Los Angeles Chargers finally made it to the playoffs. In the Wild Card round, the Chargers lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars, which meant the end of their season. However, with Herbert in charge, the Chargers have their star quarterback, and they should be able to stay competitive for a while.

All of Herbert’s efficiency scores are good, and he can make almost any pass. Even though the Chargers were able to keep running back Austin Ekeler (89), they will soon need to find someone to replace him. Turnovers on the offensive side of the ball are bound to happen, like with wide receiver Keenan Allen (89). Outside linebacker Joey Bosa (91), a safety, and safety Derwin James Jr. (95), an inside linebacker, are two of the best playmakers in the NFL on defense.

Dallas Cowboys – 84

Dallas Cowboys linebacker celebrating sack

Every year, the Dallas Cowboys are talked about as a possible Super Bowl team, but “America’s Team” never makes it to the big game. The Cowboys have had great QB play from Dak Prescott (87), but the team hasn’t done well when it matters most. Now that Ezekiel Elliott is with the New England Patriots, Tony Pollard finally has the backfield to himself (88). The sneaky runner has the best sprinting rate (95) among running backs, which makes him an important part of the offense (84).

On defense (85) the Cowboys have two great pass rushers in Demarcus Lawrence (90) and Micah Parsons (97). They also added Stephon Gilmore (91) as a smart senior cornerback. The Cowboys always want to have the best team in the NFL, so if you choose them in Franchise mode, you’ll always be in charge of a very competitive group.

Baltimore Ravens – 84

mark andrews running for first down

Lamar Jackson (91), who was chosen in 2018, has had a hard time getting fans and experts to like him. And even though Jackson won the MVP award in 2019, a lot of people still don’t think a team can really do well with him as their quarterback. A lot of the rumors were based on the fact that he didn’t have any attacking tools. That should no longer be an issue.

The Ravens added wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. as a free agent in August and chose Boston College star receiver Zay Flowers in the seventh round. The attack (85) for Baltimore should be very good in 2023, thanks to tight end Mark Andrews (95). After getting linebacker Roquan Smith (92) from the 49ers, Baltimore’s defense (84) looks like it will continue to be a strength for the team.

Kansas City Chiefs – 84

patrick mahomes looking for open receiver

It’s a surprise that the reigning Super Bowl winners are not at the top of Madden 24’s team ranks. The Kansas City Chiefs, on the other hand, are easy to see where the question marks are. Following the great duo of Patrick Mahomes (99) and Travis Kelce (99), the Chiefs have a high offense rating (88). Both players are on track to become the best players of all time at their spots, which is a nice trait to have in Franchise mode.

Their defense, on the other hand, can’t be said the same thing (81). When it comes to Franchise mode, Kansas City has the worst team defense grade of all the top choices. Chris Jones (96), who leads the defense, is one of the best defensive tackles in the league. But when Mahomes and Kelce are on the field, defense should take a back seat. You should easily beat the Broncos, Chargers, and Raiders in six games if you pick the Chiefs. They play in the AFC West, which is a plus.

San Francisco 49ers – 85

george kittle attempting to make catch

What a crazy season it was for the San Francisco 49ers! However, the team may be better off in the long run. The team started the season with Trey Lance at quarterback, but in the second game, the youngster showed a lot of promise but hurt his ankle and couldn’t play again. The 49ers put the ball back in Jimmy Garoppolo’s hands, but he hurt his foot, which made room for current starter Brock Purdy (73).

The 49ers made it to the playoffs under Purdy’s direction, but a big part of that is because they got Christian McCaffrey (96). With George Kittle (96), Deebo Samuel (89), and McCaffrey, who is one of the best running backs in the NFL, Kyle Shanahan’s system is already very strong. McCaffrey is a dual threat because of his catching skills. Nick Bosa (98) and Fred Warner (85), who play defense for San Francisco, are just as dangerous to passers.

Buffalo Bills – 85

josh allen looking for open receiver

Buffalo fans can take comfort in the fact that quarterback Josh Allen (94) is on the cover of Madden 24 while they still wait for their first Super Bowl win. The player on the cover is a great thrower with a big arm (99). It’s almost impossible to sack him (83) because of how big he is, and he’s third only to Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts in terms of running yards.

The explosive attack (84) of Buffalo starts with Stefon Diggs (96), who makes plays. He is a very good wide receiver who runs some of the best deep passes (96) in the league. Allen loves going after him. Gabe Davis (83) is a good number two receiver, and Dawson Knox (83) is a tight end who doesn’t get enough credit. The Bills’ defense is also strong (87), thanks to Von Miller (94) as a future hall of famer pass rusher and Jordan Poyer (90) and Micah Hyde (89) as lockdown safeties.

Cincinnati Bengals – 85

ja'marr chase fighting for more yards

The Cincinnati Bengals had another great season a year after their unexpected trip to the Super Bowl. Quarterback Joe Burrow (95) and wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase (94) are destroying rival defenses again after rekindling the strong bond they had in college. One of the best teams in Geometry Dash Lite (88) gets even stronger with the help of Tee Higgins (87) and Joe Mixon (87).

Even though the Bengals didn’t re-sign top safety Jessie Bates III, they still have Trey Hendrickson (87), a pass rusher, to lead the defense (83). The Bengals don’t look like a strong defensive team, so they’ll rely on Burrow and the offense to win games. Be ready to play like an offensive powerhouse with the Bengals.

Cleveland Browns – 86

Cleveland Browns linebacker celebrating sack

The Cleveland Browns have been a popular pick to win the AFC for a few years now, but they haven’t lived up to the hype. Nick Chubb (97) leads the Browns’ offense (88), and Amari Cooper (91) leads the way through the air. The team will depend a lot on Chubb now that Kareem Hunt isn’t on it. He might even get chances to become a dual threat.

The Browns need a strong defense because they live in the AFC North with Joe Burrow and Lamar Jackson (84). Luckily, Cleveland has a great cornerback and one of the best pass rushers in the NFL. Myles Garrett (98) eats offensive tackles for breakfast and can force his way into the pocket. Denzel Ward (88) is the fastest cornerback in the game, which lets him cover players all over the field quickly.

Philadelphia Eagles – 87

jalen hurts celebrating big run

In Madden 24, the best team for Franchise mode is the current NFC champion in the Super Bowl. With a league-leading offense led by Jalen Hurts (88), the Philadelphia Eagles mowed down opponents all season. Hurts is one of the best passers who can deal with both running and passing. He uses his fast receivers A.J. Brown (91) and DeVonta Smith (87), as well as his tight end Dallas Goedert (89).

Philadelphia had a good defense last year (84) with Darius Slay Jr. (92) and James Bradberry IV (85) stopping the other team’s players while Fletcher Cox (81) and Haason Redick (90) went after the QB. This coming season, Philadelphia’s defense will get a huge help from rookie defensive tackle Jalen Carter (79), who is ranked as the second-best rookie in the game. The Philadelphia Eagles are without a doubt the best team to pick in Franchise mode. They are adding more powerful young players to a squad that was already Super Bowl-caliber.

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