10 Essential WhatsApp Tips From the Experts

WhatsApp is your messaging app of choice and you’re on it more often than you’d like to confess. You’ve got your favorite groups, the friends you message every day and the ones you only hit up once in a blue moon. But are you using WhatsApp to its full potential? There are a ton of useful features hidden within the app that can make your messaging life easier and more fun.

Top 10 Tips for Using WhatsApp More Efficiently

To get the most out of WhatsApp, follow these top tips from the experts:

  • 1. Save Data and Battery

Turn off the auto-download of media to avoid unwanted data usage and battery drain. Go to WhatsApp Settings > Data and storage usage > Media auto-download. Choose ‘No auto-download’ or disable for photos, audio, video and documents.

  • 2. Use Broadcast Lists

Create broadcast lists to message many contacts at once. Go to Chats > New Broadcast. Add recipients and send your message. Great for announcements, event invites or news updates to groups.

  • 3. Enable Read Receipts

See if your messages have been read. Go to Settings > Account > Read receipts and turn on ‘Send read receipts’. Now a checkmark will appear next to messages that have been read.

  • 4. Use WhatsApp Web

Send and receive messages right from your personal computer’s browser. Open web.whatsapp.com, scan the QR code with your phone to link accounts and you’re set. Your chats will sync between your phone and computer.

  • 5. Star Important Messages

Star messages to mark them as important so you can find them easily later. Just tap and hold a message, then tap the star icon. All starred messages will appear in ‘Starred messages’ at the top of your chat list.

  • 6. Use disappearing messages for privacy

Enable disappearing messages in Settings > Account > Privacy. Choose a message expiration between 5 seconds to 1 week. New messages in the chat will disappear after the selected time period. This is great for sharing temporary information or having private conversations.

  • 7. Star important messages to find them fast

Have an important message, photo or file you want to find quickly? Tap and hold the message, then select “Star message.” All starred messages will appear in the “Starred messages” section at the top of the chat for easy access.

  • 8. Customize your notification settings

Tired of constant dings and buzzes from group chats? Customize notifications for each chat in Settings > Notifications. Choose “Default” to get notifications for everything, “Muted” to turn off notifications, or “Custom” to pick which types of messages trigger alerts. Set each chat’s notifications to your preference for the optimal experience.

  • 9. Schedule messages. 

Use the scheduler function to draft messages for later. Tap and hold the send button, then select the Schedule message. Pick a date and time to send GB WhatsApp messages.

  • 10. Mute groups or contacts. 

Mute notifications for groups or people when you don’t want to be disturbed. Long press the group or contact and select Mute notifications.

With these useful tips, you’ll be chatting away efficiently and making the most of all WhatsApp has to offer. Let the messaging begin!

Must-Know WhatsApp Hacks to Boost Your Productivity

WhatsApp has become essential for both business and personal use. Here are a few hacks to boost your productivity and get the most out of the app:

Disable read receipts. The blue checkmarks let people know you’ve read their message. Turn them off under Settings > Account > Privacy. This gives you the flexibility to respond when you’re ready.

Use starred messages. Star important messages or those needing a reply to easily find them later. Just tap and hold a message to start it. View all starred messages under Settings > Starred messages.

Create custom notifications. Set different notification tones for groups or contacts so you know the message priority. Just go to Settings > Notifications > Message notifications.

Send disappearing messages. For privacy, use disappearing messages which self-destruct after 7 days. Go to Settings > Account > Default message timer.

Create shortcuts. Save time by adding shortcuts for frequently used phrases or emojis. Go to Settings > Chats > Chat shortcuts.

Search messages. Quickly find any message in your chat history using the search function. Just tap the search icon at the top of the chat to search for keywords, links, photos or documents.

Save data. If you have a limited data plan, turn on the Low data usage setting under Settings > Data and storage usage. This prevents WhatsApp from downloading images, videos and voice messages automatically. You can download them when on Wi-Fi.

Create broadcast lists. Broadcast lists allow you to message up to 256 people at once. Go to Settings > Broadcast lists to get started. Add contacts to the list and you can then message them all together.

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