10 Young Centre Midfielders To Sign For Road To Glory In FIFA 23

Get these young center midfielders for Road to Glory and see how much they can grow.

In FIFA 23’s Career Mode, Road To Glory lets you start at a lower-level club and take it to the top by winning the UEFA Champions League. You can use a lower-level club, or you can make your own and work your way up through the levels to the top.

The midfield is an important part of any setup, so you will need to get young center midfielders who can take over the middle of the field for your team. Here is a list of the best young center midfielders that you can sign with Road To Glory in FIFA 23.

Luka Vrbančić, Dinamo Zagreb

An image of Luka Vrbančić in FIFA 23

Luka Vrbančić is the next big thing in Croatian football, and he’s already showing great signs for Dinamo Zagreb’s young team. He’s also done pretty well in the UEFA young League. He might be a great addition to your team, and his ability to take the ball will help you a lot.

The skilled player has a rating of 61 from EA and a future rating of 82. In about 6–7 seasons, he will be good enough for a top team. You can give him growth goals that will help him reach the 70-point mark in two to three seasons.

Abdoulaye Kamara, Borussia Dortmund

An image of Abdoulaye Kamara in FIFA 23

Abdoulaye Kamara joined Borussia Dortmund from PSG’s youth team and is one of the best players the German club has. During the 2022–2023 season, he played for Dortmund’s reserve team. In the coming years, he should make a big break.

The Guinean player has great skills in the game, and he can be a very important part of your middle as you move up the Road to Glory levels. He starts at 60 overall in the first season and can get as high as 82, which is great if you can get him cheap in the first or second season.

Jobe Bellingham, Birmingham City

An image of Jobe Bellingham in FIFA 23

All of the people around Jude Bellingham’s younger brother Jobe Bellingham have high hopes for him. There are a lot of eyes on the player because football fans all over the world want to know if he can eventually get as good as his brother.

In the Career Mode of FIFA 23, you can find him at Birmingham City, even though he has already been moved to Sunderland. In terms of his total ranking and ability, he has pretty much the same scores as Luka Vrbančić. They are 61 and 82, respectively.

Tygo Land, PSV

An image of Tygo Land in FIFA 23

Tygo Land was only 16 years old when PSV got him from Heerenveen for a good price because they saw how good he could be. At the moment, he plays for the Dutch club’s U18 team, but his talent means that he should soon move up the ranks.

In FIFA 23, Tygo Land has a grade of 59 and a potential of 83. To make sure he meets his potential, you must play him often. You can use him as an offensive midfielder as well as a center midfielder, and he is great going forward.

Lucas Bergvall, Djurgårdens

An image of Lucas Bergvall in FIFA 23

You can sign another player, Lucas Bergvall, for your team in a Road to Glory in Career Mode. He is one of Sweden’s best talents. He is already a player for Djurgårdens, and as he keeps getting better, other European teams are likely to be very interested in him.

Lucas Bergvall has been given an overall rating of 60 and a potential rating of 83 in the game. You can try to sign him for around €700,000–€800,000, and he also has a release option that you can use.

Archie Gray, Leeds United

An image of Archie Gray in FIFA 23

He is the son of Andy Gray, the grandson of Frank Gray, and the great-nephew of Eddie Gray. Archie Gray lives for football. There is a lot of promise in him, and Leeds United has put him on the bench more than once, even though he hasn’t played for them yet.

His overall rating is 60, and his future rating is 84. It would be smart to sign the talent in FIFA 23. You should spend a lot of money on him if you want to make him a great player.

Lewis Miley, Newcastle United

An image of Lewis Miley in FIFA 23

Now that he’s played his first game for Newcastle United, Lewis Miley stands out as one of the club’s best young talents. He is set to play for the Magpies’ U21 team next season, and many people think he will become a great player.

There is a long Road to Glory restart where you can buy Lewis Miley. He will definitely make your team’s middle better. Overall, he has a score of 60 and a huge potential of 84 in Snow Rider 3D, just like Archie Gray.

Laurin Ulrich, VFB Stuttgart

An image of Laurin Ulrich in FIFA 23

It would be great to get Laurin Ulrich for the Career Mode, and he would be a great choice if you need a center midfielder. With a total score of 61 in the first season, he has a lot of room to improve and could reach an amazing 84.

The young German star has a lot of speed for his size, and his amazing passing skills will let him breeze through the defense. Laurin Ulrich is also a good player, so you could change him into an aggressive midfielder or a winger.

Sidney Raebiger, Greuther Fürth

An image of Sidney Raebiger in FIFA 23

Sidney Raebiger has been one of the best players in the game in terms of value for money, and he is often chosen as a cheap deal for a long rebuild. Because of this, you should keep an eye on him for the center midfield spot.

When you look at his score, it says that he is 62 and has a nice potential of 84. His stats are pretty even, and it would be a steal to buy him in the first few seasons because his worth usually goes through the roof once he hits rating 70.

Carney Chukwuemeka, Chelsea

An image of Carney Chukwuemeka in FIFA 23

Carney Chukwuemeka might be the best center defender you can use to rebuild Road to Glory. He is seen as one of the most important football talents in the world, and Chelsea paid a huge amount of money to get him from Aston Villa in 2022.

In the Premier League, he has already played games, and they have been pretty good. Carney Chukwuemeka can be hired through a Loan-to-Buy deal if you can’t buy him straight in Career Mode. This is likely the best way to get his skills.

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