Avoiding Food Poisoning on Trains: A Traveler’s Guide

The most unwelcome traveling companions are diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. But how can you do so while staying healthy if you want to Taste genuine, regional cuisine while you’re traveling?

It is simple to stay healthy while traveling. You just have to follow a few safety measures and you just have to eat fresh food only. Because many times spoiled food is the main reason behind the Food poisoning While traveling by train. You can avoid this while just ordering food online from a well reputed Train Food Order app on the train like Zoop. 

Zoop not only provides you fresh food but it also has those restaurants under it that have FSSAI approval which mean they take care of proper cleanliness and other aspects to make fresh and hygienic food. So to avoid food Poisoning on Trains just order fresh food from zoop.  

Let’s see more safety measures through which you can avoid Food poisoning

  1. Take home made food: If you have a short Journey then it’s better to take your own freshly prepared food. But if you don’t have that much time you can order food online from IRCTC e-Catering partner zoop. 
  2. Check Expiry date of food: you must check the expiry date of seal packed food or snacks that you carry while traveling. 
  3. Avoid food from uncleaned restaurants or vendors : Most of us eat food from local vendors when our train stops at any station but you should always avoid eating food from restaurants or vendore that prepare it cleanly.
  4. Wash your hand properly: before eating anything wash your hand properly or sanitize them properly.
  5. Avoid raw or uncooked food: As uncooked food can contain some bacteria that may result in food poisoning. So check your Train Food Order properly. 
  6. Keep food at safe temperature: if you are bringing your own food then you must keep it under safe temperature so that it doesn’t get spoiled. 
  7. Drink bottle water: Just take a water bottle and avoid drinking tap water as well as if you are preferring cold beverages then avoid ice in them. 
  8. Check the food before eating: if you are eating online food or train pantry food just make sure to check it before consuming. 
  9. Report any issue: If you find your food unhealthy or spoiled just immediately report about it. 
  10. Choose trusted source: If you order food online then choose a trusted online source like Zoop which has restaurants that are Approved by FSSAI.

Let’s see how you can order food online from Zoop 

To make your journey Poisoning free on train zoop brings online food delivery option. With which you can enjoy home like food on your seat. Lets see some steps that you have to follow to make a Train Food Order from zoop. 

  1. Download the zoop app or open zoop whatsapp chat boat by saving number (7042062070).
  2. Give your Pnr number or other information.
  3. After that you will come to the page where you can select your delivery station.
  4. Now you can see many restaurants which deliver food to that particular station. Select your restaurant.
  5. You are now able to see the menu of that particular restaurant.
  6. Now select your favorite dish and add it to the cart.
  7. You can now see the payment page select your payment option online or offline both are available.
  8. After confirmation of your order, sit and wait for your food to arrive.

This is how you can enjoy fresh and hygienic food on your travel with a few clicks. 

Faq’s: Frequently asked questions 

Q:What foods should I stay away from when traveling by train?

A: Avoid eating items that are raw or undercooked. If you’re not sure how to maintain the proper temperature, be cautious when handling goods that need to be refrigerated.

Q: Should I report the train’s unsanitary conditions?

A: Yes, it’s a good idea to inform the train employees or authorities of any unsanitary circumstances or concerns about the safety of the food. This raises the bar for food safety.

Q: What should I do if the food I bring with me gets spoiled?

A: You can then order eCatering food online for yourself from a reputed online food delivery app. 

Q: What must I do if I eat train cuisine and then have symptoms of food poisoning?

A: Rest, drink plenty of water, and get medical help if your symptoms are severe or persistent if you suspect food poisoning. The general improvement of food safety can also be facilitated by reporting the problem to the training staff.


You may greatly reduce your chance of developing food poisoning while riding the train by being alert and making thoughtful preparations. By following basic guidelines and being aware of what to eat or what to avoid you can easily nullify the risk of poisoning on a train ride. The most convenient way is to make a Train Food Order which is healthy and fresh while riding on the train. You can order food from the Zoop e-catering app. 

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