Best International Indian School In Tokyo: Global Indian International School

Yes, Indian foreign schools exist in Tokyo. 

The Global Indian International School (GIIS) Tokyo Campus is one such institution. 

This school offers an Indian curriculum-based education that emphasises academic performance while combining Indian culture and values. These schools frequently serve expatriate Indian families in Tokyo who want to provide their children with an education consistent with Indian educational standards and cultural ethos while living overseas. 

Furthermore, there may be other international schools in Tokyo that offer an Indian curriculum or cater to the Indian expatriate community, although GIIS is one of the most well-known.

GIIS has established milestones in learning frameworks, curriculum delivery methodologies, and remarkable academic performance in International Baccalaureate, Cambridge, and CBSE examinations as one of the top-rated International schools in Tokyo, Japan. 

Global Indian International School promotes a healthy learning atmosphere where children can develop their personalities, values and cultures. GIIS has set forth a mission to provide students with skills in innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship, preparing them to be future leaders of the world.

9 GEMS Programme

GIIS recognises that success in the modern world requires not only knowledge but also charisma and creative leadership.  As a result, their 9GEM model is a revolutionary course that employs an age-appropriate and adaptive approach to allow kids to grow and flourish. 

Academic excellence is emphasised at all levels in other international schools in Tokyo. GIIS focuses on academic excellence along with universal values, ethics, discipline, creativity, and personality development in the early years, before shifting to academic achievements, leadership, entrepreneurial skills, and key competencies for vocational and career progression during the secondary and Indian high school years. 

The Institution ensures academic excellence by emphasising a curriculum that integrates leading educational practices with innovative teaching methodologies using the latest tools. This approach solidifies its position as one of the premier international schools in Tokyo academically. 

Employing collaborative, project-based learning methods enables students to learn through reading, practical experiences, and discussions, aiming to optimise academic achievements for every student while fostering a lifelong learner mindset. 

Here are some key characteristics that GIIS prioritises: 

Athletic Development 

The institution strongly advocates for providing exceptional indoor and outdoor sports opportunities and facilities to nurture students’ sportsmanship. 

Recognising the foundational importance of school sports in building physical strength, mental resilience, character, and teamwork, the school also utilises data analytics to further enhance students’ capabilities, giving them an edge in excelling in their chosen sport. 

Visual and Performing Arts

Unlike science, art expresses abstract concepts such as thoughts and sentiments – an area of learning just as important as academics or athletics. 

As children grow, they progress through several phases and become more connected to the world through various creative forms such as dancing, singing, painting, drawing, or crafts. GIISs’ curricula is designed to introduce students to digital and visual arts at a young age, allowing them to explore and find their creative side. 

It, in turn, allows kids to communicate their emotions more effectively while also encouraging creativity, imagination, and out-of-the-box thinking. 

Community and care

We believe it is critical for our students to be involved in their local communities. Students are nurtured to be socially responsible through numerous activities such as community services, sustainability efforts, and compassion movements. GIIS encourages our students to start projects that raise awareness that raise awareness about the environment. 


Global Indian International School in Tokyo is a place that truly feels like a home away from home for the Indian diaspora and international students alike. It’s clear that this hub of learning isn’t just about absorbing facts; it’s a cultural kaleidoscope where vibrant traditions blend seamlessly with innovative education practices.

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