Best Practices To Produce Quality Leads for Business

Leads are the first step in any B2B marketing strategy and too often we see organizations focus only on collecting a large number of leads and very little on quality leads.

What is lead generation? 

A lead is a prospect who has shown interest in one of your products or services and who has offered their contact information in exchange for receiving information.

In B2B business this transition is longer than in B2C commerce because companies that hire other companies take more time to compare services, and analyze benefits and, in general, the process of making a decision can have several stages.

In addition, it is important to focus your efforts on attracting quality users, that is, not only those who have shown some interest; but who have the potential to become a customer.

The reality is that not all users who will subscribe to your database and have interactions with your content are prospects worth putting your resources into.

Your content and promotions may attract a lot of professionals, but they are not necessarily at the right level of command.

For this reason, you will surely wonder how to target lead generation to attract and contact potential high-value customers.

Choose the right management tools

You need a software or platform that allows you to update the data automatically, manage contacts, and classify them. Only in this way will you be able to apply a systematic process for lead nurturing and content personalization according to the prospect’s buying cycle. 

One of the greatest benefits that a tool will give you is the possibility of following up on each prospect to better understand what their possible needs are, concerning your company’s offer.

The appropriate technology will let you know the navigation that the user has made through your website and what they have searched for before filling out the form or subscribing. 

This information is crucial because it will give you insight into the possible problems it is trying to solve and the type of service it is most interested in. Everything you need to further personalize communications. 

Consult with your sales team 

Marketing strategies and lead generation will not be successful without considering the observations and data that the sales department can provide.

If you want to get quality leads, both departments must be able to collaborate closely and work under clear and unified processes.

The sales area will be able to tell you which products and services with the greatest output, how the negotiation is carried out with the contracting company, and which are the direct offers that best convert a qualified lead for sale into a customer.

Be consistent and honest

This means: fulfilling what you promise. That is, there should not be a difference between the commercial promise that has attracted the lead in the first place, and the information and presentation of your services on a website.

For example, you can’t say that one of your values ​​​​is professionalism and innovation and when they enter your website users find a messy and outdated page.

It is also not recommended that the central message of your company, the one that speaks of the promise of service, is not consistent in all channels and content.

It is not about being repetitive until exhaustion, but you need to encourage a precise transition from lead to client.

Test and repeat

Leads change their needs, B2B companies modify their goals, and new ones are added to their challenges. Therefore, you must be agile enough to adapt to the moment and very intelligent and methodical to test the performance of your actions.

A lead generation strategy does not achieve results from one day to the next, it requires patience and perseverance. 

You will have to test your campaigns several times making changes to the messages, designs, channels, and segments of your database. Only in this way will you know which forms, landing pages, content, and ads are the most profitable. 

Yes, it is a tedious process at first, but it will allow you to improve your process and achieve the customer acquisition goals you have set for yourself. Contact us at Digital Specialist, and we will develop the strategy to acquire more leads for your business.

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