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Ever dreamt of sipping flat whites by Bondi Beach, diving into the Great Barrier Reef’s kaleidoscope, or getting chased by kangaroos (safely, of course!) in the Outback? Well, mate, your Aussie adventure awaits! And guess what? Booking your Australia tour packages from Delhi doesn’t have to cost a koala-ty fortune. Buckle up, ’cause we’re about to unleash the secrets to scoring epic deals.

First things first: When to go?

Australia’s a land of diverse moods, each season offering a different flavour. Craving sunshine and beach vibes? December to February beckons with balmy days and sizzling barbecues. Want to witness the Outback’s vibrant wildflowers? September to November paints the desert in technicolour. For cooler climes and city explorations, March to May or August to October are your jam.

Next stop: Tailor-made packages for every wanderlust!

The Honeymooners: Picture hand-in-hand strolls along Sydney Harbour Bridge, romantic sunsets at Uluru, and snorkeling hand-in-fin at the Great Barrier Reef. Choose a package that whisks you to these iconic wonders and throws in luxurious stays, candlelit dinners, and maybe even a hot air balloon ride over the Outback – your love story deserves it!

The Adventure Junkies: Get your adrenaline pumping with white-water rafting in the Daintree Rainforest, skydiving over the Whitsunday Islands, or trekking through Kakadu National Park. Packages with bungee jumping, surfing lessons, and wildlife encounters will have you saying “G’day!” to your inner daredevil.

The Culture Vultures: Immerse yourself in Aboriginal art at the National Gallery of Victoria, catch a show at the Sydney Opera House, or explore Melbourne’s quirky laneways. Packages that include museum visits, Aboriginal cultural experiences, and city tours will satisfy your thirst for knowledge and local flavour.

The Family Funseekers: From cuddling koalas at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to learning to boomerang at a traditional Outback station, Australia is a giant playground for kids (and big kids at heart!). Choose a package with theme park visits, wildlife encounters, and kid-friendly activities that’ll keep the whole family giggling like kookaburras.

Now, the money-saving magic

Travel off-season: Ditch the peak season crowds and score cheaper flights and accommodation by traveling during shoulder seasons or even the “low” season (if you can handle the slightly cooler weather).

Fly smart: Consider airlines with stopovers in Southeast Asia or the Middle East – you might snag a cheaper deal, and a bonus mini-adventure!

Be flexible: Open to different travel dates or airports? This flexibility can unlock significant savings, so keep an open mind!

Pack light: Save on baggage fees by packing light and utilizing laundry services at your accommodation. Every kilo counts!

Travel like a local: Skip overpriced tourist traps and embrace local markets, public transport, and street food for authentic experiences and budget-friendly bites.

Remember, the best Australia tour packages from Delhi are the ones that match your desires and your wallet. So, compare prices, read reviews, and don’t be afraid to bargain!

Bonus tip: Check out online travel agencies and tour operators who cater specifically to Indian travelers. They might have packages tailored to your preferences and budget.

And finally, the most important ingredient? A spirit of adventure! Get ready to be amazed by Australia’s breathtaking landscapes, unique wildlife, and infectious laid-back charm. So, go ahead, book those Australia tour packages from Delhi, pack your bags, and get ready to yell “Crikey!” with the best of them!


So, there you have it, Delhi peeps! Your guide to scoring epic Australia tour packages at prices that won’t leave you saying “fair suck of the sav!” Remember, the key is to plan, be flexible, and embrace the Aussie spirit of adventure. With a little bit of savvy and a whole lot of enthusiasm, you’re in for an unforgettable Down Under experience.


1. What is the visa process for Indian citizens travelling to Australia?

Indian citizens require a valid visa to travel to Australia. You can apply for different types of visas depending on your purpose of travel. The most common visa for tourists is the Visitor visa (Subclass 600). To apply, you need to meet certain criteria, submit required documents, and pay the processing fee. You can find more information and apply online through the Australian Immigration Department website:

2. What are the best airlines to fly from Delhi to Australia?

Several airlines offer direct and connecting flights from Delhi to major Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Some popular options include Air India, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and Cathay Pacific. Consider factors like flight duration, price, stopovers, and airline reviews when making your choice.

3. What are the must-see places in Australia?

Australia boasts a diverse landscape and experiences to suit every type of traveler. Some popular tourist destinations include:

  • Iconic sights: Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, Uluru (Ayers Rock), Bondi Beach, Kakadu National Park, Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • Adventure activities: White-water rafting in the Daintree Rainforest, skydiving over the Whitsunday Islands, trekking in the Outback, surfing lessons, wildlife encounters
  • City explorations: Melbourne’s laneways, Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, Adelaide’s Central Market, Perth’s Kings Park botanical gardens
  • Relaxation and nature: Whitsunday Islands beaches, Gold Coast surfing, Daintree Rainforest walks, Margaret River wineries

4. What is the currency in Australia?

The Australian dollar (AUD) is the official currency in Australia. You can exchange Indian rupees for AUD at currency exchange bureaus in Delhi or upon arrival in Australia. Consider using a travel card or international debit card for convenient and affordable withdrawals during your trip.

5. What is the best time to visit Australia?

The best time to visit Australia depends on your preferences and desired activities.

  • Summer (December to February): Warmest weather, ideal for beach activities and outdoor adventures, peak season with higher prices.
  • Autumn (March to May): Pleasant temperatures, good for sightseeing and city exploration, shoulder season with more affordable rates.
  • Winter (June to August): Coolest weather, ideal for visiting the south coast and Tasmania, least crowded with the lowest prices.
  • Spring (September to November): Blooming wildflowers in the Outback, warm and sunny in the north, shoulder season with decent prices.

6. What vaccinations are required for traveling to Australia?

Check with your doctor or a travel clinic to ensure you are up-to-date on routine vaccinations and if any additional vaccinations are recommended for Australia based on your itinerary and activities.

7. What type of accommodation should I choose?

Australia offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit various budgets and travel styles. Hostels and budget hotels are great for solo travelers and backpackers, while mid-range hotels and apartments offer comfort and convenience. Luxury hotels and resorts cater to those seeking upscale experiences. Consider your preferences, location, and budget when making your choice.

8. What should I pack for my trip to Australia?

Packing essentials for Australia will depend on the season and destinations you visit. Generally, pack comfortable clothing for various weather conditions, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, insect repellent, swimwear, and suitable footwear for walking and exploring. Check weather forecasts and specific activity requirements for any additional items you might need.

9. What is the cost of a typical Australia tour package from Delhi?

The cost of Australia tour packages from Delhi can vary significantly depending on several factors like duration, itinerary, inclusions (flights, accommodation, activities), chosen travel dates, and desired level of luxury. You can find budget-friendly packages starting around ₹30,000 per person, while luxury packages can cost upwards of ₹1 lakh per person. Research and compare different options to find a package that suits your budget and preferences.

10. Where can I find the best deals on Australia tour packages from Delhi?

There are several online travel agencies and tour operators offering Australia packages from Delhi. Comparing prices and reading reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor and MakeMyTrip can help you find good deals. You can also contact travel agents or directly inquire with Australian tour operators for customized packages and potential discounts.


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