Desert Safari Dubai – A Must-Experience Trip for Tourists in UAE

Tourists can do while on a desert safari in Dubai. Many vi are drawn to Dubai because it is so beautiful and seductive, especially those who are visiting for the first time. Tall structures and cultural landmarks are thoughtfully placed, fusing modern and historical elements. 

The wide golden desert outside the city boundaries is where Dubai’s main allure resides, though. If you’re a first-time traveler and have a particular sand experience in mind, this post will help you. 

You might be wondering what a Dubai Desert Safari Entails

A traditional and thrilling way to escape Dubai’s sophistication and become fully immersed in the Arabian sand is to go on a desert safari Dubai. An overview of what a typical fascinating excursion comprises is given in this guide.

The majority of trip excursions include transportation, where you will be picked up from your hotel or a predetermined location. The preferred vehicle is a tough 4×4 SUV with the ability to go great distances and even negotiate dunes. 

You have the choice to upgrade your safari experience by choosing a different vehicle type when you book your excursion. In addition, if you wish, private vehicle transfers to the desert can be arranged.

You’ll get ready for the exciting activities included in your Desert Safari package when you arrive. Such safaris frequently include adventurous activities like camel riding. 

You can have an Arabian BBQ supper while being entertained by customary acts like belly dance, tanoura shows, and other Arabic customs like henna art and shisha sessions, among others, if your package includes a sunset viewing and eating experience.

When it’s time to head back to the city after having a terrific time in the dune, you’ll be driven back to your hotel. If you’re on an overnight adventure, you can choose to stay the night in the tranquil dune and head back to the city the next day.

What Dubai Desert Safari can we have in the Options?

Choose the option that best suits your holiday while taking into account elements like adventure, personal preferences, time constraints, and luxury.

High-End Adventure:

The Adventure evening desert safari is the ideal option if you’re looking for an adrenaline-ride among Dubai’s red dunes. Dune bashing is a thrilling way to start your vacation, giving you a rollercoaster-like ride on the shifting dunes. It’s the best way to fully experience the thrill of the desert. 

The vast, dry terrain of Dubai makes for an amazing playground for your travels. To make the most of your trip, choose from several pursuits including quad riding, sandboarding, dune buggy rides, and more.

Luxury Excursion:

Many tour companies now provide luxurious packages designed to enhance every part of your desert safari experience while providing the highest comfort for visitors. 

These packages are ideal for people who want a thrilling attraction with a hint of Dubai’s more laid-back trip. On this kind of safari, relaxation among the desert dunes takes precedence over strenuous adventure activities. 

It’s intended for people who want to get away from the city while taking use of upscale amenities and city-like services in the sand.

The included activities in the packages can vary, but frequently they include a trip across the desert in deluxe rovers to see wildlife, see falconry demonstrations, eat a gourmet pre-set menu meal in elegant tents, ride camels, and take in live entertainment like belly dance, firework exhibitions, and other.

Ideal Outfits for the Desert Safari Tour?

With little month-to-month temperature variations, Dubai enjoys year-round summer-like weather. As you prepare for an outdoor vacation, it’s essential to choose gear that will keep you comfortable while traveling. When visiting the emirate on a bright day, visitors should dress modestly because Dubai places a great priority on modest attire. Western attire, including strapless or sleeveless outfits, sheer apparel, crop tops, and skirts or shorts, is therefore improper for the dune.

What, therefore, ought you pack for a trip to the dune? Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

For Dudes: 

The finest clothing for a desert safari is loose-fitting, light-colored, breathable khakis, shorts, or pants worn with a long-sleeve shirt or t-shirt. To shield your head from the intense sun, don’t forget to wear a cap. Wearing boots is a wise move to boost comfort and protection while engaging in land-based activities.

For Women: 

It is preferable to stay away from wearing flowing apparel, such as long dresses and skirts, on a desert safari. Choose roomy tops instead and pair them with light-colored, longer, or knee-length cotton or linen slacks. 

Avoid wearing pointed accessories. For appropriate sand footwear, closed-toe shoes are preferred over heels or sandals because they are cozier and protect your feet from suffering.

Dos and Don’ts to Increase the Fascination of Your Excursion:

Before making a reservation for a Dubai Desert Safari tour, it’s important to consider elements like the season, the hour of the day, the desired level of adventure, and your budget. Ramadan and the sweltering summer months of March to September are not the best times to arrange vacations in Dubai because they are less conducive to outdoor activities.

It’s also vital to remember that young children, especially those under the age of four, and pregnant women shouldn’t go on the desert safari excursion. It’s riskier to choose other activities in such situations since the isolated sand location makes it difficult to contact aid in the event of an unanticipated emergency.

Avoid engaging in activities like dune-bashing or other high-speed thrills in the sand if you have back problems, heart difficulties, vertigo, or motion sickness as these illnesses can get worse. 

Dune bashing may be a rough experience with sudden jolts and sharp curves, similar to a roller coaster. It’s advised to have a small supper before embarking on this excursion to lower the possibility of pain.

Bring only the necessities on your trip, and don’t take any valuables or critical papers with you when you go on your safari excursion. Sunscreen, sunglasses, a sun hat, a scarf, and a jacket should all be packed because the evenings can get chilly.


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