Do-it-yourself waterproofing of a shower cabin without a tray

When installing a shower without a tray, waterproofing is required. You can do this work yourself to save on installation costs. Before starting repairs, please select a material and study the method of its application. Do-it-yourself waterproofing of a shower cabin without a tray should be done efficiently. Or you risk flooding your neighbours and causing mould and mildew in the bathroom.

How to choose a mixture for waterproofing?

Buy mixtures from suppliers with a proven reputation. The ranking of the best mixture manufacturers includes domestic and foreign brands:


Waterproofing mixtures are penetrating and do not form their protective threshold. The substances penetrate concrete and increase water resistance. After applying construction mixtures, a matrix is ​​formed inside the concrete that does not allow water to pass through. Manufacturers guarantee the reliability of waterproofing subject to application technology. There are many companies providing waterproofing services in Melbourne to protect your balcony from water damage.


Domestic holding company producing construction mixtures. The brand’s research laboratory is located in Yekaterinburg. The concern has a line of products for construction. The products are popular throughout the Russian Federation.

The finished solution resembles liquid milk in colour and consistency. Apply manually or automatically. Pre-priming is not recommended. (There is no data on whether the primer interferes with the setting of the mixture and how it affects the process and result of waterproofing).

Mechanism of action of Penetron:

When hardening, the mixture forms a strong connection with the hardened cement. The molecules create a matrix that insulates the concrete to a certain thickness. The exact thickness of the waterproofing layer depends on the characteristics of the concrete (structure, age, etc.)
It is used once and lasts for decades. Residents can skip the procedure regularly.
Properties are preserved even deep in the ground. When working underground, the mixture is spread in 2-3 layers. After treatment, a long drying time is required for the surface.
Quickly tightens microcracks up to 0.5 mm in size. When hardened, crystals form that fill cavities in the concrete. For the restoration of significant damage, use Penekrit (related product).
Gains strength in 3 months—maximum water resistance W20 (at a pressure of 2 MPa). After four weeks, the water resistance rating is W14. For comparison, a protective layer of 1 MPa is enough to waterproof a pool 100 m deep.
After treatment, the characteristics of concrete do not change. For example, the vapour barrier remains the same as other properties.
An industrial concern producing Penetron and Penecrit demonstrates videos on applying mortars. Before you get started, watch the visual videos. The video features professional builders showing surface treatment technology.

After application, do not use the shower for three days, even if the finishing finishes earlier. After three days, hygiene procedures are allowed. The maximum level of waterproofing will still need to be achieved now. But you don’t risk flooding your neighbours. The polymer structure of the waterproofing will already be strong enough to withstand the flow.

Penekrit price in 2019: from 1,500 rubles. Package volume 5 kg. The amount of mixture is enough for a 6 m2 surface. This is a bathroom in a typical small apartment. You can treat the base and walls of the shower with the contents of one package. By choosing a 25 kg package (per 31 m2), you will save due to a volume discount.


Make sure to distinguish with Calmatex, which is intended for ceilings and walls. Calmatron is designed for the floor. It improves the water resistance class of concrete by four times: by 0.4 MPa or 4 atmospheres. The ceiling will withstand a mass of 40 m of water. Such hydraulic tests cannot occur inside a residential building or public building.

Advantages of Kalmatron:

Protects the material from aggressive environments (pH=3-11). To clean the bathroom, you can use alkali-based detergents.
Chemically safe. Suitable even for treating drinking water tanks. Does not cause skin irritation.
Increases the frost resistance of concrete by 100 cycles of the thermometer passing through 0C. Suitable for unheated country houses or industrial buildings. After impregnation, the service life of the floor increases.
Withstands extreme operating conditions: high or low temperatures, excess humidity. Does not lose effectiveness from ultraviolet radiation.
Suitable for tiles, porcelain stoneware and ceramic cladding. After hardening, it acquires a compressive strength of 25 MPa.
The manufacturer keeps the mechanism of action of the mixture secret. To process one sq. m. area, you need 1.6 kg of mixture. It sets at an air temperature of 5C. However, the plant did not produce training videos. Apply the mix according to the instructions on the package.

The average cost of material is 75 rubles for 1 kg. This is half as much as Penetron. But the consumption of Calmatron is two times more intense. Thus, the benefit is 50%. The savings are significant when it is necessary to process a large area.

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Technical characteristics of Ceresit:

  • Elastic and not heavy, it does not increase the weight of the ceiling.
  • Chemically safe, harmless to health.
  • Ready for use immediately after opening the can. No need to mix it with water.
  • Suitable for seamless and heated floors with any heating system.
  • Capable of bridging cracks up to 0.75 mm wide.
  • Dries quickly. Does not have a pungent odor.
  • One of the most famous suppliers in the Russian Federation. A company with a good reputation.
  • Within a week, the degree of waterproofing reaches 150 MPa (15 atm. or 15 meters of water column).
  • Penetrating mastic Cerezit CL51 is sold for 1,500 rubles. (5 kg). Consumption is 1.5 kg per 1 m2. The mixture’s cost and volume ratio is close to its analogue (Kalmatron). Ceresit is the choice of those who need to be used to saving on quality.

Beware of fakes

Be sure to check the certificates. Construction stores may sell counterfeit products. Ask your consultant if they work with a specific company. Find a list of official dealers on the brand’s website. If there is no such section in the menu, call the hotline to find out information about the seller. When purchasing a counterfeit product, the reliability of the waterproofing is not guaranteed.

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