Erase and Embrace: The Art of Body Contouring with Fat Dissolving Injections in Dubai

Let’s unlock the power of fat-dissolving injections to get more confident with Erase and Embrace: The Art of Body Contouring with Fat-Dissolving Injections in Dubai. Say goodbye to stubborn fatty pockets and say hello to sculpted and smarter you. This is the right time to embrace a body that reflects with energy. We welcome you to the world of fat-dissolving injection. Book us now to get a silhouette body. 

What are Fat Dissolving Injections:

Fat-dissolving injections إبر إذابة الدهون another name is lipolytic injections involve a nonsurgical and cosmetic procedure that is designed to remove targeted fat from specified areas. These injections are made up of substances such as deoxycholate and phosphatidylcholine. This solution is used to break down the fat of body tissue, this tissue will be excreted through the urine. The number of sessions of injections depends on the condition of a person. The average number of injections is 3. It takes about 25 minutes for the procedure to be completed. 

Area of injection: 

The following are the areas of an injection where the injection can be injected safely: 

  • Abdomen 
  • Thighs 
  • Double chin area
  • Area of arms 
  • Face 

Types of fat melting injections: 

There are several types of fat melting injections, the main three types are below: 

  • Kybella treatment 
  • Adipose lipolysis injections 
  • Aqualyx injections
  1. Keybella treatment: 

These types of injections are approved by the FDA and can be done by professional doctors to enhance the facial appearance. This injection is administered into the chin of a person for the removal of a double chin. It can take 20 minutes to complete the process. It is advisable to get this injection from an expert doctor to reduce the side effects. 

  1. Aqualyx injections: 

This type of injection is built to remove the fat when the diet is not providing the result. These injections help in breaking down the fat from specified areas. This injection is effective for double chin and also for removing fat from the larger part of the body. 

  1. Adipose lipolysis injections: 

These types of injections are also used to break down the cells and tissues of a fat person to make him look sculpted. The procedure of this injection should be performed by an expert doctor to give the desirable results. One should get 3 injections on average to get the best results. 


The results are permanent and variable with an optimal lifestyle and a clean diet. The final results will be seen in a month or two. 


The following are the benefits of fat-dissolving injections: 

  • FDA approved 
  • No downtime required 
  • Minimal side effects
  • Sculpted body 
  • Enhances self-confidence 
  • Safe injections

Possible complications: 

The following are the complications that are possible after the procedure: 

  • Chances of getting undesirable results 
  • Risk of an infection 
  • And disfigurement  

Perfect Candidate: 

The following are the perfect candidates: 

  • Anyone mature enough 
  • People who do not want invasive surgery 
  • Candidate with fatty pockets in specified areas 
  • People who are not getting results from exercise

Pre-care Instructions:

The following are the pre-care instructions: 

  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water daily 
  • Do not take medicines such as aspirin 
  • Avoid intake of caffeine
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol 
  • Wear loose cloths
  • Avoid taking blood thinners
  • Do not take vitamins through supplements 
  • Eat more fruits

How is the Procedure of fat-dissolving injections done?

The procedure of fat-dissolving injections must be administered by a senior and experienced doctor. The steps of the procedure are mentioned below: 

  1. Consultation: the first step is to get a consultation with a skilled doctor who is qualified and can check the condition of the patient, after that the doctor will discuss the goals and eligibility of candidates, whether he is good or not for these injections
  2. Preparation: the next step is marking the area, the doctor will prepare the target area by cleaning and marking it. some areas are sensitive and may require the topical cream for numbing purposes. 
  3. Injection: the doctor will inject the fat-dissolving injection by using a fine needle in a specified area of the patient’s body. This injection contains a solution of deoxycholic acid to remove the extra fat from the body. 
  4. Follow-up appointment: the candidate may need another dose of injection for optimal results. So they must visit their doctor for follow-up appointments. 

Post-care Instructions:

The following are the post-care instructions: 

  • Apply an ice-cold pack to minimize the swelling 
  • Do not perform heavy exercises for about a week 
  • Massage your skin gently to avoid redness
  • Take a painkiller given by your doctor
  • Do not go out in the sun directly 
  • Apply sunscreen before going out 
  • Drink water to keep yourself hydrated 
  • Monitor any side effects you see

Cost of fat dissolving in dubai: 

The cost of fat-dissolving injection may vary from one person to another. The cost can change depending on several factors such as the location and reputation of a clinic also affects the cost of fat-dissolving injections. One can get the exact cost by booking us for consultation. Our doctors are experts in evaluating the exact cost for you. Get a special discount from our skilled doctors by clicking below.

Factors Impacting the Cost: 

The factors that can affect the cost to be high or low are as follows: 

  • Type of injection used
  • Location of a clinic 
  • Expertise of a doctor 
  • Reputation of a clinic 

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