Everything you need to know about Small Uterus and Pregnancy

Most women are unaware of their little uterus before becoming pregnant. When a woman suspects she is pregnant and goes to a Gynaecologist, a gynecological test or an ultrasound may bring this news (of having a small uterus) and can cause immense worry. At times, the doctor’s language may also instill anxiety. However, it is always essential to get to the bottom of it and understand the health condition correctly. 

What Causes Formation of Small Uterus?

As per medical science, the uterus size changes in all women. However, the size that has been termed a typical benchmark has been kept in most women. The neck height of the uterus is generally 25mm, with the myometrium as thick as 30mm or so. The exact dimensions of the uterus are 40-50mm in width, whereas the height is generally 70-80mm. These parameters are commonly used as a reference, but many women have a healthy uterus that might not be as large as this.

In some women, the uterus can be larger than the standard or even smaller. However, it should perform just fine. A woman’s body physique is a major governing factor for uterus size. Therefore, preternaturally thin women with small body faces are likelier to have a small uterus.

If a woman’s uterus is small, can she still conceive?

The small fetus at conception develops into a full-fledged baby by the end of the pregnancy. Therefore, it is essential to understand whether women can conceive successfully with a little uterus. Any chances of risk should be mitigated correctly from the start.

One of the essential aspects to be thought to conceive in the presence of a small uterus successfully is the epithelium. Improved blood flow can help with its growth. Occasionally, a doctor may also recommend a pregnant woman experience hormonal stimulation to improve the chances of birth.

Any hormone medicine concerns the external genitalia. Hormone treatment may be recommended for women who suffer from a condition where the uterus, as well as the genitals, are underdeveloped, generating an imbalance of different hormone levels within the body. Termed hypoplasia could also suggest the presence of other diseases. Undertaking hormonal medicine in such a case could make matters worse.

At times, a good intake of minerals and vitamins could make conception possible. You can opt for vitamin therapy if you are pregnant and have a little uterus. It uses specific fluid practices that can be especially useful when consumed daily.

What Should You Do If Your Uterus Is Small During Pregnancy?

Determining the uterus as “small” is bad for doctors to make a good decision. Additional diagnosis is needed to choose the actual condition. It could be hypoplasia, where the uterus is short due to hormonal problems. Aplasia could also be why the uterus is the same as that of a newborn child or even absent. Another possibility is infantilism, where the uterus is smaller than 55mm.

Any treatment plan to improve the uterus size takes a good amount of time. Using hormonal medicine is a typical way for women diagnosed with hypoplasia. In certain cases, being affected by sexual activity regularly can also be helpful and cause the uterus to rise in size gradually. For a high success rate, seek help at the best IVF centre in Punjab.

A small-sized uterus and pregnancy may not just be helping each other. But if your doctor recommends everything will be fine, there is no need to worry. Using infrequent procedures, your pregnancy can proceed safely and provide your baby with the life he deserves.

What are the effects of excessive masturbation on fertility?

Family planning and pregnancy can be stressful. When their female partner cannot conceive after a few months, many men fear it may be their fault. The guilt conscience takes root.

Does frequent masturbation affect male Fertility?

Many myths are associated with masturbation, and many men are unsure of the absolute truth. Set your worries away because it does not affect your Fertility whether you ejaculate outside or inside a woman’s body. The main distinction is that if you ejaculate within a woman’s body, she is more likely to become pregnant. Men should keep this in mind when trying to make their spouses pregnant.

Frequent intercourse with ejaculation at least 3 or 4 times a week can help to maintain your sperm quality high. Healthy sperm have high motility and morphology. Sperm motility is the sperm’s swimming capabilities, and sperm morphology is the sperm’s shape. A normal sperm has a head shaped to penetrate the egg easily. An abnormally shaped sperm may not penetrate the egg even if it reaches it due to its deformed head shape. 

Low Sperm Count

If you feel that your sperm count may be low, you can check it with a simple sperm count test. Low sperm counts may affect Fertility. You can clear your doubts regarding your sperm count quickly by getting it checked by giving a sperm sample to a clinic. The results of the test will be reverted within a few days. If you test positive with a low sperm count, do not feel remorse because it might be due to excessive masturbation. This does not affect sperm count.

Does female masturbation also affect overall Fertility?

Masturbating does not affect your Fertility at all. However, if you have a problem conceiving, you may use an ovulation calculator to check whether you have any crucial fertility troubles. This calculator will tell you your most fertile days by calculating your fertile window.

Effects of excessive masturbation on Fertility

Masturbation and infertility have no direct link, as they won’t affect your Fertility. Some studies suggest that optimum sperm quality occurs after 2-3 days of no ejaculation. However, some even suggest that men with normal sperm maintain it, even after regular intercourse or ejaculations.

Your sperm count is not affected by excessive sex or masturbation, although it may temporarily lower your sperm reserves until your body produces more. You can discover that you make less semen if you engage in regular sex. There is no cause for alarm because this is only temporary. Your body will produce more sperm if you give it a few days to relax.

If you are getting through fertility treatment, it is worthwhile discussing your sexual habits with the Gynaecologist so that it will not hamper the treatment and healthy sperm production. Additionally, you should ask about how to enhance the quality of your sperm for this treatment. Sperm quality plays a vital role in IVF. Healthy sperm can help with fertilization and improve the embryo’s quality.

Additionally, enhancing sexual activity with ejaculations regularly may increase the chance of getting your partner pregnant.


From the complete article, it is clear that masturbation does not impact Fertility. However, if you suffer from low sperm count or infertility, visit our IVF Centre in India.

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