First Mammogram? 10 Information to Ease Your Fears

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If what to anticipate, you’ll discover it much less intimidating—and surprisingly not so dangerous.

The significance of screening mammograms

The reality is that screening mammograms have diminished breast cancer deaths by 40% since 1990 – because of early detection when most cancers are extra treatable, and stay the one screening take a look at confirmed to cut back breast cancer deaths.

“This life-saving profit is maximized when girls begin the present process of yearly screening mammograms at age 40 and persevering with for so long as they’re in good well-being,” stated Vilert Loving, MD, chief of breast imaging at Banner MD Anderson Most cancers Middle in Arizona.

Debunking mammogram myths

To assist in keeping your thoughts relaxed, Dr. Loving dispelled some widespread mammogram myths and offered useful suggestions to make sure your first scan goes easily.

Fable #1: Mammograms are painful.

Reality: Everybody has a distinct ache threshold, however, the compression or squeezing concerned with a mammogram is usually described as uncomfortable not painful. Normally, the stress or squeeze you are feeling solely lasts just a few seconds.

“Most ladies fee the ache related to mammograms to be minimal to average,” Dr. Loving stated. “One research discovered that 94% of ladies would have a mammogram once more, regardless of mammogram-associated ache. This conclusion means that the ache just isn’t vital sufficient to discourage girls from the life-saving good thing about this take a look at.”

Be happy to take aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen about an hour earlier than your mammogram in case you’re fearful about aches or have skilled discomfort throughout previous mammograms. As well as, contemplate scheduling your mammogram for the week after your interval, or menstrual cycle, when your breasts are usually much less tender.

Fable #2: Mammograms require a physician’s order.

Reality: You don’t want a referral out of your well-being care supplier to schedule a mammogram. In case you are a girl 40 years of age or older, it is best to have a mammogram every year, even when your supplier forgets to say it.

Fable #3: If I don’t have a household historical past of breast cancer, I don’t want a mammogram.

Reality: Annual mammogram screenings beginning at age 40 are at all times advisable. Why? The vast majority of girls who are at present identified with breast cancer had no household historical past.

“Between 75% to 80% of all newly identified breast cancers within the U.S. are in girls with no household historical past of breast cancers,” Dr. Loving stated. “Due to this fact, girls with no household historical past of breast cancers mustn’t skip or delay screening mammograms.”

Breast cancer screening tips differ for ladies at higher-than-average breast cancer danger. “Girls who could also be at elevated breast cancer danger as a consequence of household historical past or different danger components ought to talk about choices with their well-being care supplier, as they might profit from an extra intensive screening schedule or risk-reducing remedies,” Dr. Loving stated.

Fable #4: A standard mammogram means I can skip subsequent years’ mammograms.

Reality: Early detection is vital. “A screening mammogram aims to seek out breast cancers early when they’re extra simply treatable, growing the probabilities that most cancers could be utterly cured when identified,” Dr. Loving stated.

Since some breast cancers are aggressive and develop shortly, it’s vital to have your screening mammogram yearly so that most cancers can be discovered at their earliest levels. Most frequently early-stage cancers are too small to be felt by hand, so you would very nicely feel regular throughout a self-breast examination.

“If we have been to delay screening and wait for ladies to ‘know’ they’ve most cancers (for instance, by feeling a breast lump), many of those cancers would then be extra superior and tougher to treatment,” Dr. Loving stated. “Once more, it’s vital you don’t delay your common screening mammogram.”

Fable #5: The radiation from a mammogram causes most cancers.

Fact: Mammograms use low-dose X-rays, that are set on the lowest radiation quantity wanted to provide correct pictures of your breast tissue without it being dangerous. The quantity of radiation from a mammogram is similar to what you’ll get out of your day-to-day life over about two months.

“We’re exposed to radiation daily on the Earth from sources comparable to rocks, daylight, and even naturally in some meals,” Dr. Loving stated. “At low ranges, this pure background radiation just isn’t excessive sufficient to trigger hurt. The quantity of radiation from a mammogram is the same as about 7 weeks of this pure background radiation. The well-being danger from this stage of radiation is extraordinarily low, and the life-saving advantages far outweigh this low radiation danger.”

A mammogram machine has two flat paddles which might be used to compress your breasts. The rationale for the compression is to unfold the tissue aside and maintain the tissue nonetheless for photos. That permits a decreased dose of radiation for use and higher pictures on your radiologist, the physician who opinions your pictures.

Fable #6: I’m too young to have to fret about my breast well-being.

Reality: Breast consciousness can begin at any age, which means you’ll be able to develop into conscious of how your breasts usually really feel. This consciousness will assist you in distinguishing irregular breast lumps from regular breast tissue.

At age 30, talk together with your well-being care supplier if you’re at an elevated danger for breast cancer and should in the end profit from an extra intensive breast screening plan and/or most cancer risk-reducing remedies. As talked about earlier, for those with common dangers, annual mammogram screenings ought to begin at age 40.

Fable #7: Conventional mammograms and 3D mammograms are identical.

Reality: Tomosynthesis, additionally known as a 3D mammogram, has been proven to considerably enhance breast cancer detection over typical or 2D mammograms. A 3D mammogram can produce clear and detailed pictures of your entire breast from completely different angles, thereby producing 3D imaging for your radiologist to assess. A 2D mammogram solely produces pictures from one single angle at a time.

Due to its increased stage of elements, 3D imaging improves the power to precisely detect early-stage breast cancers and reduces the possibility of false alarms.

Fable #8: Mammograms are costly.

Reality: Because of the Inexpensive Care Act of 2010, screening mammograms are coated 100% by nearly all insurance coverage with no value to you. There could also be a price for the 3D portion of a 3D mammogram, although this varies by insurance coverage firm.

You might also be eligible for free or low-cost screenings. The Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention’s Nationwide Breast and Cervical Most Cancers Early Detection Program supplies breast and cervical screenings and diagnostic providers to those who have low incomes and are uninsured or underinsured.

Fable #9: I can’t get screened as a result of having dense breast tissue or breast implants.

Reality: Breast cancer screenings are secure for everybody – whether or not you have dense breast tissue or breast implants. “Breast density will increase a girl’s danger of breast most cancers so they need to completely have yearly mammograms,” Dr. Loving stated.

If in case you have breast implants, let the mammography middle know once you schedule your appointment. You might be positioned in another way and have further pictures taken, however, a mammogram shouldn’t rupture an implant.

“We now have particular views of the place we will comfortably push the implant out of the best way to permit imaging of the breast tissue,” Dr. Loving stated.

Fable #10: The COVID-19 vaccine will affect my mammogram outcomes—or worse, give me most cancers.

Reality: “There’s no proof that COVID-19 vaccines trigger most cancers,” Dr. Loving stated. “The vaccine does set off irritation, however, this inflammatory response is predicted as your physique is producing antibodies to guard itself against the coronavirus.”

In some instances, nonetheless, your inflammatory immune response could also be sturdy sufficient to enlarge the lymph nodes below the arm wherein you acquired your vaccine. These enlarged underarm lymph nodes could also be seen in your mammogram. Due to this fact, in case you’ve acquired the COVID-19 vaccine just recently, please let the imaging middle employees know the date(s) of your vaccine and wherein arm/leg your injections have been acquired.

Ideas earlier than you go—even when it’s not your first mammogram

  • On the day of your mammogram, keep away from deodorant, lotions, lotions, or perfumes in your chest, breasts, or underarm areas (armpits) since these pores and skin merchandise might make your mammogram tougher to assess. However, be at liberty to toss them in a handbag to convey with you to the appointment afterward.
  • It’s not essential to quick earlier than having a mammogram, so be at liberty to eat and drink as typical.
  • Contemplate sporting a two-piece outfit, so that you solely have to take away your prime for the mammogram.
  • If you happen to nonetheless have a month-to-month menstrual cycle, strive to schedule your mammogram for the week after your interval.
  • If you happen to be receiving a mammogram exterior of your common imaging middle, please convey all of your prior pictures to your appointment or convey the title, tackle, and cellphone quantity for the power of the place you had your prior mammogram exams.

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