How Many Miles in 20k Step a Day? Find Out 

Walking is a magical way to transform health. If incorporated with milestones, it does wonders. Recently, a golden 20000 steps a day challenge has been accepted by fitness freaks who interestingly accept challenges and willingly pave their way to better health and enhanced consistency.

But, many wonder how to calculate 20k steps to miles, and how long it takes to achieve this. This article simplifies the calculations and answers  queries with detailed explanations.

The Basics of Steps and Miles

Before proceeding with the calculations, it’s important to understand a few fundamental measurements. Besides, a step is a basic unit of walking that consists of one full stride. A stride starts from one foot to the other. The average step length of an individual is 2.5 feet, but this might depend on stride length and individual height.

Whereas, a mile is a standardized unit of distance and one mile is equivalent to 5,280 feet. To calculate how many miles are in a specific number of steps, one needs to divide the total number of steps by the average step length.

Calculating 20k Steps to Miles

The following formula to calculate how many miles is 20000 steps are:

Miles = (Steps / Steps per Mile)

Since it is found that one mile is approximately 5,280 feet, now it’s easier to calculate how many steps are in a mile:

Steps per Mile = 5,280 feet (one mile) / 2.5 feet (average step length) = 2,112 steps

Now, this information can be used to find out how many miles are in 20,000 steps:

Miles = 20,000 steps / 2,112 steps per mile ≈ 9.47 miles.

However, if someone is considering setting a goal of taking 20000 steps daily, then they have to walk approximately 9.47 miles.

20k Steps to Miles by Walking – Based on Height and Speed

From the table below, one can understand how height impacts miles and kilometers:

4’10”7.6 12.2 
5’0” 812.8

Walking 20000 steps at different speeds requires: 

  • Walking at 4 mph – 2.5 hours to cover 20,000 steps
  • Walking at 3 mph – 3.5 hours to cover 20,000 steps
  • Walking at 3.5 mph – 4 hours to cover 20,000 steps
  • Walking at 2.5 mph – 4.5 hours to cover 20,000 steps

20k Steps to Miles by Running – Based on Height

There are a lot of differences between walking and running. The pacing and strides required for walking and running are different. So, how long it takes to hit 20,000 steps based on height, let’s find out:

Height12 min/mile10 min/mile8 min/mile6 min/mile
5’0”10 miles16.1 KMs11.7 miles18.8 KMs14 miles22.5 KMs17.6 miles28.3 KMs
6’0”10.8 miles17.5 KMs12.9 miles20.7 KMs15.8 miles25.2 KMs20.5 miles33.0 KMs
5’1”10.1 miles16.2 KMs11.8 miles18.9 KMs14.1 miles22.8 KMs17.8 miles28.6 KMs
6’1”10.9 miles17.6 KMs13 miles20.9 KMs16 miles25.8 KMs20.8 miles33.5 KMs
5’2”10.1 miles16.3 KMs11.8 miles19.1 KMs14.3 miles23 KMs18.03 miles19.01 KMs
6’2”11 miles17.7 KMs13.1 miles21.1 KMs16.2 miles26 KMs21.1 miles33.9 KMs
5’3”10.2 miles16.4 KMs11.9 miles19.2 KMs14.4miles16 KMs18.2 miles29.3 KMs
6’3”11.1miles17.9 KMs13.2 miles21.3 KMs16.3 miles26.3 KMs21.4 miles34.4 KMs
5’4”10.2 miles16.5 KMs12.0 miles19.4 KMs14.6 miles23.5 KMs18.4 miles29.7 KMs
6’4”11.2 miles18 KMs13.3 miles21.5 KMs16.5 miles26.6 KMs21.7 miles34.9 KMs
5’5”10.3 miles16.6 KMs12.1 miles19.5 KMs14.7 miles23.7 KMs18.7 miles30.1 KMs
5’6”10.4 miles16.7 KMs12.2 miles19.75 KMs14.9miles23.9 KMs18.9 miles30.5 KMs
5’7”10.5 miles16.9 KMs12.3 miles19.9 KMs15 miles24.2 KMs19.2 miles30.9 KMs
5’8”10.5 miles17 KMs12.4 miles20 KMs15.2 miles24.4 KMs19.4 miles31.3 KMs
5’9”10.6 miles17.1 KMs12.5 miles20.2 KMs15.3 miles24.7 KMs19.7 miles31.7 KMs
5’10”10.7 miles17.2 KMs12.6 miles20.4 KMs15.5 miles24.9 KMs19.9 miles32.1 KMs
5’11”10.8 miles17.4 KMs12.8 miles20.6 KMs15.6 miles25.2 KMs20.2 miles32.6 KMs

How long it will take to complete 20k steps at different speeds while running? Let’s find out:

  • Running a 12-minute mile – Two hours to reach 20,000 steps
  • Running a 10-minute mile – An hour and 57 minutes to achieve 20,000 steps
  • Running an 8-minute mile – An hour and 52 minutes to cover 20,000 steps
  • Running a 6-minute mile – An hour and 45.6 minutes to complete 20,000 steps

Conclusively, if someone is planning to accomplish the goal of completing 20000 steps each day then they are required to cover approximately 9.47 miles daily. However, reaching this milestone is a novel approach to becoming more healthy, consistent, and cautious.

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