How to Add a Signature In Gmail| Create Gmail Signature

The process of adding a signature on Gmail is very simple. The person can do all the process in just a few minutes. If the person wants to know how to add a signature in gmail then they have to read the below content. Through this article, the person would be able to get information about the whole procedure of adding a signature in Gmail.

Steps Involved in Setting up a New Signature:

The steps that are provided to the user in the below content are straightforward. The person has to follow certain steps which are written below:

  1. The person has to open the Gmail account settings. Then click on the “see all settings”.
  2. The user has to press the ctrl + F button to open the search box on the screen. The person has to type their signature in the box and then they have to press enter. You will be able to see all the topics related to the signature on the settings page. You have to search for a signature editor from that list.
  3. The person has to click on the create button to create a new signature for your Gmail account. You have to enter the name for the new signature. Then click on the Create button. 
  4. You have to add the signature details as per your choice. The person has to click on the signature editor text box to add the information. The information should include your full name, your job profile, your company name, and many more. 
  5. The user has to edit the Gmail signature. You can edit the signature as per your choice either by changing the font size or text color. The user would be able to see these options on the screen as they usually see on the Word document.
  6. If the person wants to add an image on the gmail signature then the person has to add a table. They have to make a table by using the Word document as there are no options on Gmail to create a table. Then the table border that you have selected will show the signature design. 
  7. You have to add a hyperlink to the signature of your Gmail account. To add the link to your account the person has to type or select the text which the person wants to be clickable. You have to click on the link option which you would be able to see on the screen. The person has to enter the whole address to link the signature with your website. Then they have to click on the “ok” button.
  8. The person has to select the auto gmail signatures. You can even tell Gmail which signature you want to set as the auto signature. The person can set the setting of the signature just below the signature editor. The options available on the screen would be allowing the user to set the signature to the new messages and the reply and forward messages as per your choice. The person should select the signature with the image as a default for the new messages that you want to send to the person.

What Are the Benefit to Add Signature in Gmail

Adding a signature to your emails in Gmail can offer several benefits:


A well-crafted email signature can contribute to a more professional appearance. It provides a quick and easy way for recipients to identify you and your role or affiliation.

Contact Information:

Including your contact information in your email signature ensures that your recipients have a convenient way to get in touch with you. This can be particularly useful for business communication or networking.

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An email signature is an opportunity to reinforce your personal or professional brand. You can include elements like your company logo, a tagline, or a link to your personal or business website.


Having a signature automatically added to your emails saves time. You don’t have to manually type out your contact information or other details each time you send an email.


A standardized email signature ensures consistency in your communication. It helps maintain a cohesive and professional image across all your emails.

Legal and Compliance:

In some cases, including legal disclaimers or compliance-related information in your email signature may be necessary. This is common in certain industries where regulatory requirements mandate the inclusion of specific information in electronic communications.


If you have a personal blog, social media profiles, or other online presence, you can use your email signature to promote these platforms. This can be beneficial for personal branding or business promotion.

Personal Touch:

Adding a signature with a personalized touch, such as a brief quote or a link to your professional social media profiles, can make your emails more engaging and memorable.


You would be glad to know that you would be able to add a signature to the email on the Gmail account. The process of adding an email signature to gmail is easy. You have to just follow certain steps that are necessary or written above in the content. Through this article, your doubt related to adding a signature would be solved to a larger extent. The person can visit emailspedia if they are having any doubt. 

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