How to Analyze an EML file in Windows – Top Four Best Methods

Want to know different methods to analyze an EML file. Then we provide you with various methods to open and examine your files.

There are many file formats that store emails. Among them, the EML file is the most common file format because it is used on various platforms like Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and even Notepad applications. Therefore, this file is flexible and easy to use wherever you want. Managing EML files can be difficult as it saves an individual email per file. It also includes associated attachments and the properties of emails like sender and receiver address, subject, date of email, etc.

Now, to analyze your file in Windows, there are multiple ways available. These methods are easy, and some are free of charge. So, let’s see all the methods that you can use.

Methods to Analyze an EML File

To manually read EML files in Windows, you can use Outlook, Windows Live Mail, or Thunderbird programs. These programs support EML files. But if you have to do an in-depth analysis of your file, a third-party tool can easily examine your email. Thus, there are five ways to explore an EML file.

  • Outlook: right-click your EML file and open Outlook.
  • Windows Live Mail: use the in-built import option to import an EML file and view the file.
  • Thunderbird: using an add-in to read an EML file.
  • Third-party software: use this tool to analyze your EML file.

Method 1: Open an EML File in Outlook and View the Data

If you have installed MS Outlook on your device, you can easily use this program to view your email.

  • First, go to the location where your EML file is stored.
  • Right-click the file and select the Open with option.
  • Choose the Outlook program, and your file will automatically open in it.
  • You can now see the email and attachment, if any. If you have other EML files as well, right-click the same way.

Method 2: Import an EML File in Windows Live Mail

If you have not installed Outlook, you can use this program to analyze an EML file. Windows Live Mail is a free email client, and it uses an EML file to store its data. Users can use this to read the file.

  • Open Windows Live Mail and click on the File option.
  • Select the import messages button, then click on Windows Live Mail.
  • Click the Browse button to find the location of your EML file. Press the Next button.
  • Your file will open in the program, and then you can view the data.

Method 3: Analyze an EML File in Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a free open-source email program that can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. You can use this program for both MBOX and EML files. But, to do this, you have to download Import/Export Tools NG from the official website.

  • Install the Import/Export add-in from “”
  • Now, open the Thunderbird program and click on the Tools option.
  • Select the import/export addon and then the Import option.
  • Browse your EML file and click the open button.
  • Now, the file is imported into the program, and you can see it.

All the methods we discuss are manual, and we use email programs. Also, they are free. However, if you want to do an analysis of your file, they cannot do that because there are no advanced options to analyze your file other than read the EML file. Therefore, to explore the file, the next method is the best.

Method 4: Analyze an EML File Using a Third-Party Tool

This method is also called the professional method because this software is made to open, view, read, and analyze your EMl file in a professional way. Thus, FreeViewer EML Viewer Tool is the software we are going to use. This tool is mostly used for forensic analysis of your file. But you can also use it to export your EML file into another file format, like PDF or PST, or print it. For this, you have to first install the Pro and Pro Plus editions. There are many additional features a tool provides to its users.

Features of Software

  • The tool provides a complete preview of your email with attachments.
  • You have many preview modes to view your EML file in HEX, HTML, RTF, MIME, etc.
  • It supports the EML files of other email programs like Outlook, Windows Live Mail, etc.
  • The software allows users to view email properties clearly. For example, to, from, subject, etc.
  • If you have a corrupt EML file, you can also read it with this tool.

Steps to Analyze an EML File Using the Tool

  1. Download and install the software.
  2. Find your EML file from the list of files and folders displayed on the left side of the screen.
  3. When you find it, click on the file, and the tool loads the file and shows your data.
  4. You can now see the emails and their attachments (if any). Preview your file in various modes, such as properties, message header, normal mail view, etc.
  5. To export the file in PDF and other formats. Click on the Upgrade to Pro option.


This article explains various ways to analyze an EML file on a Windows system. We describe different email programs that use EML files, and you can read the data in the file. But if we talk about analyzing them, there are not enough options. So, professional is an alternative way where you can open your file and explore the data using various options. Hence, these are the techniques that are not only used for analyzing your EML file but also used to read the content in it.

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