How To Make Custom Patches For Your Brand Identity

You have an idea, now learn how to manufacture the best patches! Patches are a terrific way to personalize any piece of clothing! 

Patches are a terrific product; you can pick a patch that fits you, whether you’re using them to advertise merchandise, upgrade your event, or add entertaining, low-cost items to your store. Putting any old patch on a t-shirt and calling it fashionable is not enough; only the correct patches will increase sales and traffic to your store.

Since all patches are not created equal, what makes a great patch and how can one be made that will work? This is a simple how-to for joining the vast patch community.

What Constitutes a Superb Patch?

Although the majority of custom pvc patches wholesale perform the same fundamental function, there are various varieties available, and some are more suited for particular uses than others. To name a few characteristics of a successful patch, consider these:

Concise Design

An original, well-considered design is essential for a patch. Make sure the composition isn’t overly cluttered, the colors are striking, and any text is readable. (Not in the design field? Don’t worry, our team of gifted artists will develop your idea for free when you place an order.

Superior Substances

You can make your patch out of a variety of materials, including polyester, twill, felt, black ballistic, nylon, camouflage, chenille, leather, and PVC, to mention a few. The type of style you want to achieve will determine the ideal material for your patch. For instance, chenille patches offer a playful, fluffy appearance, but stitched patches usually have a more classic style. Select materials that complement your desired design and have a premium appearance.

Sturdy Support

After applying your patch, you must ensure that it remains in place. A fantastic patch should have a sturdy, dependable backing that is, ideally, simple for your clients to apply. You can get patches with velcro, sticky, thin plastic, magnetic, or even pin backing in addition to the traditional iron-on backing.

Quality of Production

Unless you’re crafty and just need a tiny quantity, you’ll often work with a manufacturer like us to make your patch design a reality. Seek out a maker of iron on patches wholesale with a stellar reputation, first-rate customer support, and demonstrable outcomes. Important: We send you a photo proof or sample for approval before placing any orders.


Ask us what would be the ideal solution for you, whether you have a large budget and want to showcase your brand or just need something basic to expand your store. We make custom patch creation fast, ethical, and reasonable. Free delivery and no additional costs are included with every order—something that is uncommon.


Verify that the patches you’re offering genuinely serve a function. (And sure, there is a purpose to style and decorate!) When potential buyers see the iron on patches you sell, you want them to picture what they would wear or use them for in their daily lives right away. 

 How to Design a Custom Patch That Wins

Making a personalized patch is much simpler than before. You don’t even need to be a designer or have a sewing machine! All you need is the ideal manufacturer to collaborate with and the ideal concept. The steps to making a fantastic custom patch are as follows:

1. Recognize your audience

Make sure there is a market for the patches you create before spending time and money on them. You should have a clear notion of who you’re making patches for and how they might be used after doing some research online and searching for your favorite retailers or marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon.

If you already have a business and a following of customers or admirers, consider the kinds of things that have done well in the past and get ready to make patches in that same vein. You can even think about starting with a community survey! If you haven’t begun selling anything yet, consider the kind of business and brand you want to build, as well as the potential customers for your personalized shirts and patches.

2. Select the kind of personalized patch.

We have a wide selection of personalized patches; pick from:

Personalized Embroidered Patches: The most traditional patches, including premium treading and fabric backing. Using embroidered patches in high-contrast designs is a terrific idea.

Personalized Woven Patches: Tight weaving and thin threads produce a high-resolution final result, which makes these patches perfect for designs needing precise details.

Custom Printed Patches: More color selections than any other patch kind, these offer photo-realistic reproductions of your design.

Custom Bullion Patches: These 3D patches are incredibly strong and artistic due to their precise wire sewing.

Custom Chenille Patches: Fluffy patches that look colorful and textured, perfect for larger projects.

Custom Leather Patches: These premium, retro-style leather patches instantly improve any article of clothing or accessory.

Custom PVC Patches: 3D rubberized patches that are weatherproof and have a fully distinctive appearance.

3. Create your patch.

Now is the time to be imaginative! We provide free, professional designers at no further cost to you if you are not a designer. Just provide us as detailed a description of your idea as you can, and we’ll assist you in realizing it.

As you sketch, have the following patch-specific design tips in mind:

Make it easy. Keep in mind that patches are typically relatively small, so avoid making your design too busy or complex. Less is more when it comes to your patch!

Verify that any text can be read. Once more, your patch will probably be smaller than average, and typical embroidery techniques have trouble reproducing small or delicate writing. Include as many large, dense words as you can.

Use color sense. Your patch will truly stand out if the colors contrast. For maximum impact, choose for striking hues or a timeless black-and-white combination. 

Be motivated. Although the design of your patch should be original, you can still draw inspiration from many sources. If you’re lost, go through patch design ideas on Etsy, Pinterest, and Instagram. Then, give them their own touch!

4. Accept a mockup of a design.

You will be able to approve a mockup of your patch design after your order is complete but before all of your patches are shipped. If everything seems excellent, you can proceed with the first quoted timeframe; otherwise, modification can be requested at no additional cost if you would like to make any changes. Before proceeding with production, you will have as many modifications as necessary to ensure your complete satisfaction.

5. Produce and dispatch

You can proceed after approving the design! The type of patch you choose and the quantity of patches you order will determine the exact turnaround dates, but you will be able to follow the progress of your order at every stage.

If you’re in a hurry, we also provide free worldwide delivery and expedited shipment for your products. You may be confident that your patches will be just as gorgeous as you had envisioned since we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

That is the only step involved! You can easily design an affordable, high-selling personalized patch online using Yourstuffmade with a little business acumen. All that’s left to do is sell, promote, and distribute your personalized patches around your community!

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