How to See Your Spotify Pie Chart?

Spotify releases their top artist’s songs every year on the 1st of December. This platform has released a new feature for college students that they can see their current music taste pie chart. A student of Darren Huang has created a new site that allows the user to see Spotify wrapped. Many of the social users have shared their experiences on various social media like Instagram, Twitter, and many more. 

Spotify has another feature named Receiptify which allows the user to see the top songs from the past few years. These results are available in tabular form. If the user wants to add lyrics to any song, then they can use the Spotify app. When the user swipes up the song which is played currently, they would be able to see the lyrics of the song. These features provide a great experience to the user. 

How to See a Pie Chart?

The user would be able to see the pie chart just by clicking on the website:

  • To initiate, firstly you need to open this website on your browser. 
  • Then you would be asked to enter your Spotify account details and you have to allow the app to have the history of the listening songs. 
  • Then the site would generate a pie chart for you on the basis of your music habits and routine. You can even take a screenshot for sharing with your friends as well as with your family members. 

The Spotify stats pie chart is generated with the music genre by using different colors. When you click on a genre, you will see the artist’s name. Social influencers or the person who uses social media mostly to share their genre with a confusing name. These names include post-teen pop, Ohio hip-hop, and many more. The list that is generated shows the top artists with the bigger font and the following artists with the smaller font. 


As you know, technology is becoming smoother and faster these days. Many new products and features are launched every single day. Spotify is also generating various new features so that the user can listen to songs smoothly without any interruption. One of the features Spotify has generated is the pie chart of the listened songs. Through this Spotify pie chart, the user would get to know about the taste of the songs they liked the most. These lists are generated in the form of tables just like in grocery stores. Lyrics are also shown just below the played song. 

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