iPhone Message Send Failure? Here’s the Fix!(2023)

If your iPhone isn’t able to send text messages to your friends and family then you might feel isolated from the world, you might think that the problem is with your iOS device but it is not the case. 

You do not need to worry as in this blog we are going to fix this problem of message send failure iphone on your device so let us begin to get to know about the ways which you are supposed to try out for fixing the error. 

Solutions to Fix the Problem of iPhone Message Not Sending – 

Below are the ways which we have sorted out for you which will be effective for you in fixing the problem which you are facing with sending the messages on your iphone device. 

1. Trying once again 

Well, the first thing anyone should try when the messages are not sending is to try once again and see if the messages are sending or not. When you see the not delivered error on your messages screen, you will find an exclamation mark as well on which you should tap and when you will tap on it you will see try again button on which you have to tap. 

2. Examining the network 

The next way which you are supposed to try to fix a message failed to send iphone is to check the network connection which you are using. 

If your cellular network is not working to the point, then you might not be able to send the messages which you want to using your device, so ensure that the connection is working efficiently. 

3. Making sure that the number for texting is correct 

The next way for fixing the error is to ensure that the number you want to text to has been filled in correctly as when the number is incorrect and it doesn’t exist then you will get the not delivered error on your screen. 

So, before you are sending the texts you should double check the number which you have put in the recipient section to avoid any sending failure. 

4. Restarting the iphone device which you have been using 

If the iphone is not sending messages and you are willing to fix the error of message send failure then you could try to restart the iphone device you are using, as in most of the cases restarting a device has been able to fix a lot of issues for many users. 

You could turn off the iphone by holding the power button and then slide to the option of turning off the device. 

5. Taking care of network settings 

The next way you could try to reset the network settings of your device, as without insufficient network coverage you might be unable to send the messages which you are trying to send.  

We believe that these ways have been effective for you and in case you want to find more additional details then you could take a look at website techzeel which will offer you details which you require. 

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