Jack Hibbs: Recent Developments and Activities in 2023

Pastor Jack Hibbs, a prominent figure in the Christian community and the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, has been actively involved in various activities and events throughout 2023. This article explores the recent developments and activities surrounding Jack Hibbs, highlighting his sermons, political involvement, views on current global events, and his stance on modern technological advancements like artificial intelligence.

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Sermons and Teachings

Recent Sermons and Theological Focus

In 2023, Pastor Hibbs continued his role as a spiritual leader, delivering various sermons focused on faith, doctrine, and the application of biblical principles to modern life. Notable sermons included:

  1. “We Are On Our Way” Series: A series delving into the Gospel of Grace and New Testament theology, emphasizing living by faith in Jesus.
  2. “How Can You Know If You’re Right?” Series: An exploration of biblical texts, specifically Hebrews 9:1-10, to understand righteousness in a biblical context.
  3. “Happening Now – Live Israel Update:” A discussion on the current events in Israel, their biblical significance, and the implications for global politics and prophecy.

These sermons reflect Pastor Hibbs’ commitment to teaching and interpreting the Bible, guiding his congregation through complex theological and moral issues​​​​​.

Political Engagement and Social Commentary

Involvement in Public Education and Political Discourse

2023 saw Pastor Hibbs actively engaging in political and social issues, particularly concerning public education and the promotion of Christian values in society. Key highlights include:

  • Promotion of Christian Candidates: In 2023, Pastor Jack Hibbs notably engaged in promoting Christian candidates in the political arena, reflecting his belief in the importance of Christian values in governance and public policy. Hibbs’ actions included endorsing and praying for candidates whom he believed would uphold Christian principles in their roles.
    This was particularly evident in his influence within local school boards and public education, where he advocated for policies and leadership that aligned with his religious and moral viewpoints. Hibbs’ involvement in political affairs underscores a broader trend of religious leaders influencing civic matters, highlighting the intersection between faith and politics in contemporary society. His stance and actions have stirred conversations and debates, showcasing the impact religious figures can have on public opinion and the political landscape.
  • Commentary on Education: In 2023, Pastor Jack Hibbs notably commented on the state of public education, taking a critical stance on contemporary educational policies and curricula. Hibbs voiced strong opinions against what he perceived as the over-sexualization of education and the excessive focus on gender identity issues within schools. He argued that such educational practices were detrimental to students’ learning and well-being, diverting attention from foundational academic skills.
    Furthermore, Hibbs expressed concerns about the impact of these educational trends on Christian values and beliefs. His commentary reflects a broader debate within American society about the role of education, the inclusion of various sociocultural topics in school curricula, and the intersection of faith and public schooling. Hibbs’ views on education are a part of his wider engagement in societal and political issues, highlighting the influential role religious leaders can play in shaping public discourse on education.
  • Stance on Slavery: In 2023, Pastor Jack Hibbs made remarks on the topic of slavery that garnered attention and controversy. His stance involved a nuanced interpretation of the history of slavery in the United States, particularly concerning the founding fathers. Hibbs suggested that while some founding fathers were slave owners, they also provided care for their slaves and were caught between two worlds, trying to reconcile their ownership of slaves with emerging views on freedom and human rights.
    This perspective presented by Hibbs aimed to offer a more complex view of historical figures often simplistically labeled as mere oppressors. However, his comments were met with criticism and were part of a broader conversation about how American history, particularly the darker aspects like slavery, should be understood and taught. Hibbs’ views on slavery reflect his engagement with historical interpretation, illustrating how religious leaders can influence the narrative and understanding of historical events.

His political activities and comments have stirred debate, reflecting his influence in the community and beyond​.

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Global Perspectives

Views on Israel and End Times Prophecy

Pastor Hibbs has been vocal about his views on global events, particularly those concerning Israel and Middle Eastern politics. In a notable sermon titled “THE 2023 INVASION OF ISRAEL AND WAR,” he discussed current developments in Israel in the context of biblical prophecy, suggesting implications for future global events​.

Technology and Society

Critique of Artificial Intelligence

In a notable departure from his usual theological and political discourse, Pastor Hibbs expressed deep concern over the advancements in artificial intelligence. He warned about the potential dangers of AI, referencing Elon Musk’s views and expressing skepticism about the technology’s unchecked development. Hibbs emphasized the need for discernment in a world increasingly reliant on technology, cautioning his followers about the spiritual and practical implications of AI​.


In summary, Pastor Jack Hibbs remains a dynamic and influential figure in 2023, actively engaging with a range of issues from theological teachings to political activism, and commenting on global events and technological advancements. His activities and views continue to resonate with his followers and spark discussions both within and outside the Christian community.

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