Pitambari Neelam in Vedic Astrology: Remedies and Benefits

Bi color sapphire gem stands as a rare gem, harmonizing the potent energies of blue and yellow sapphire, presenting a mesmerizing bi-colored spectacle. This gem isn’t merely a visual delight but holds profound astrological significance, particularly for those seeking success in career and personal life. Understanding the Pitambari Neelam Price is essential to unlock its benefits fully.

Who should wear bi color sapphire? 

In the realm of Vedic astrology, this gemstone emerges as highly advantageous for individuals born under the zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. It seamlessly amalgamates the energies associated with the planets Saturn and Jupiter, each manifested in the blue and yellow segments, respectively.

What does the bi color stand for? 

The blue facet of Pitambari Neelam is revered for its purported ability to enhance creativity, self-confidence, and intelligence. This celestial infusion is credited to the influence of Saturn, symbolizing discipline and structure. 

On the other hand, the yellow part, associated with Jupiter, brings forth attributes of prosperity, spiritual growth, and wisdom. The harmonious blend of these energies within the Pitambari Neelam creates a powerful talisman believed to bring multifaceted benefits to its wearer.

Bi-color gemstones symbolize harmony, balance, and duality within a single stone. These unique gems showcase two distinct colors, often divided into distinct sections or blended harmoniously. Each hue represents contrasting elements, such as love and friendship, yin and yang, or the balance between opposing forces. The combination of colors embodies unity, demonstrating the beauty found in differences and the complementary nature of contrasting aspects. Bi-color stones, whether in tourmaline, quartz, or other minerals, are revered for their ability to signify the coexistence of diverse traits, encouraging acceptance, unity, and the appreciation of life’s inherent contrasts.

Bi-color gemstones, like tourmaline or bi-color sapphires, symbolize harmony, duality, and balance. Their striking two-tone nature embodies contrasting energies coexisting harmoniously, representing unity in diversity. Each color within these stones often carries its own symbolism. For instance, in tourmaline, the pink denotes love, while the green signifies vitality and growth. This duality reflects life’s multifaceted aspects, encouraging acceptance of contrasting forces in oneself or relationships. Bi-color gems inspire embracing diversity, acknowledging the beauty in differences, and fostering a balanced approach to life. They serve as reminders that embracing contrasts can lead to a more harmonious and fulfilling existence.

What are the benefits of bi color sapphire stone? 

  • It is the “Stone of Prosperity,” which is believed to attract success and prosperity in both career and personal relationships. Wearing this bi-color sapphire ( Pitambari Neelam ) is purported to boost self-confidence and leadership qualities. 
  • Individuals grappling with focus or concentration issues are often advised to don this gemstone, as it is thought to enhance memory, decision-making skills, and overall intellect.
  • The rich blue hue of sapphire has historical significance, recognized across diverse cultures. Deriving its name from the Greek term ‘Saphir,’ signifying precious earthly stones, it also bears the Sanskrit name ‘Sanipriyah,’ revered as sacred to Saturn.
  • Throughout history, this sapphire variety were embraced for their perceived ability to repel evil spirits in ancient Greek, Persian, and Egyptian cultures.
  • The mystical properties of blue sapphire are further exemplified in the inscribed sapphire of the ‘King of Solomon,’ a symbol of strength and a belief in its potency and association with supernatural powers. This stone was believed to grant unparalleled dominion over spirits and the forces of nature. The strenght of blue spaphire is well accompanied by bi color sapphire stone. 
  • Complementing the celestial influence of blue sapphire is the mystical power of yellow sapphire, known as yellow pukhraj, associated with the planet Jupiter. This “Gem of Well-Being” is thought to aid in chronic joint pain and blood pressure problems. Yellow sapphire is hailed as a stone of wisdom, peace, good health, and prosperity.
  •  It is believed to protect individuals from malevolent influences and usher in positive outcomes.
  • Combining the forces of both neelam and yellow sapphire is believed to yield amplified positive outcomes. The intricate interplay of these gemstones addresses not only astrological considerations but also encompasses the holistic well-being of the wearer. 
  • The belief in their combined efficacy underscores the enduring fascination and reverence for these gemstones in various cultural and historical contexts.

In essence, Pitambari Neelam, with its captivating dual tones and astrologically attributed properties, becomes more than a mere adornment. It becomes a symbolic link to the cosmic forces, a conduit for positive energies, and a tangible expression of the wearer’s aspirations for success, prosperity, and well-being in every facet of life.

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