Private Desert Safari in Dubai: A Luxurious Adventure

Dubai, a city known for its luxury, extravagance, and innovative skyline, is also home to one of the world’s most stunning natural wonders – the desert. Beyond the glittering skyscrapers and bustling city life, the Dubai desert offers a unique and captivating experience for those seeking adventure, relaxation, and authentic Emirati culture. While group desert safaris are quite popular, there’s a growing trend in opting for private desert safari in Dubai. In this article, we’ll explore what makes private desert safaris so appealing and why they are the epitome of luxury in the heart of the desert.

The Allure of the Dubai Desert

Before delving into the world of private desert safaris, it’s crucial to understand the allure of the Dubai desert itself. The Arabian Desert, which surrounds Dubai, is a vast expanse of dunes, rocky terrain, and stunning landscapes that starkly contrast the city’s modernity. The desert’s beauty is ever-changing, from the golden hues of sunrise to the deep reds of sunset, making it a photographer’s dream.

Private vs. Group Safari: What Sets Them Apart?

While group desert safaris are undoubtedly popular for tourists, private desert safaris offer a completely different experience. Here are the key factors that set them apart:

Exclusive Experience

A private desert safari in Dubai is all about exclusivity. You, your group, and your dedicated guide embark on a journey tailored to your preferences and interests. Unlike group tours, where you might have to share the experience with strangers, a private safari allows you to enjoy the desert at your own pace.

Personalised Itinerary

With a private safari, you have the freedom to customise your itinerary. Whether you want to focus on dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, or simply relaxing in the desert, your experience is entirely in your hands. You can also choose the timing that suits you best: a sunrise, sunset, or overnight safari. Intimate Dining

One of the highlights of a private desert safari is the intimate dining experience. You can have a private meal with your loved ones outside instead of at a big camp with a buffet. A personal chef often prepares the food, offering a culinary experience that caters to your preferences.

Luxury Accommodations

If you opt for an overnight private desert safari, you can stay in luxurious desert camps. Private tents, attached toilets, and air conditioning are all things you’d find in a high-end hotel at these campgrounds, which provide cosy lodging.

Activities to Savour on a Private Desert Safari

Private desert safaris in Dubai are not just about solitude; they also offer many exciting activities. Here are some of the must-try activities:

Dune Bashing

For adrenaline junkies, dune bashing is a thrilling adventure. You’ll be driven by a skilled driver through the rolling dunes in a 4×4 vehicle, experiencing heart-pounding moments as you navigate the desert terrain.


Like snowboarding, sandboarding allows you to glide down the dunes on a board. It’s a fun and challenging activity suitable for beginners and experienced sandboarders.

Camel Riding

A private desert safari is complete with a camel ride. Riding one offers a distinctive perspective of the surrounding terrain. These gentle giants have been the standard form of transportation in the desert for decades.

Wildlife Encounters

The Dubai desert is home to a surprising variety of wildlife, including Arabian gazelles, desert foxes, and many bird species. On a private safari, you’ll have a better chance of encountering these creatures up close and personal.


Away from the city lights, the Dubai desert offers unparalleled stargazing opportunities. Lay back and gaze at the twinkling stars in the clear desert sky, a magical experience perfect for romantic evenings.

The Cultural Element

A private desert safari also provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Emirati culture. You can:

Savour Traditional Cuisine

Private safaris often include traditional Emirati dishes prepared by skilled chefs. You’ll taste the rich culinary heritage, from lamb and rice dishes to fresh dates and Arabic coffee.

Belly Dancing and Entertainment

Many private desert safari packages include live entertainment. You can enjoy mesmerising belly dancing performances, traditional music, and participating in local dances.

Henna Tattoos

Get a temporary henna tattoo, a popular form of body art in the region. It’s a great way to engage with local culture and take home a unique souvenir.

Planning Your Private Desert Safari

To ensure you have the most memorable private desert safari experience, here are some planning tips:

Choose a Reputable Tour Operator

Research and select a reputable tour operator with experience in private desert safaris. Check reviews, ask for recommendations, and inquire about their customization options. Discuss Your Preferences

Communicate your preferences and interests with the tour operator. Whether you want a focus on adventure activities or a more relaxed outing, they can tailor the experience to your desires.

Timing Matters

Consider the timing of your safari. Sunrise and sunset safaris offer stunning views and pleasant temperatures, while overnight safaris allow you to stargaze and experience the desert’s tranquillity.

Dress Appropriately

Dress comfortably in climate-appropriate attire for the desert. A hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses are necessary for sun protection.


A private desert safari in Dubai is the epitome of luxury and adventure combined. It offers an exclusive, personalised, and intimate experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of the Dubai desert. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping activities or a peaceful escape under the stars, a private desert safari caters to all your desires. So, when you’re in Dubai, don’t miss the chance to embark on this unforgettable journey into the heart of the Arabian Desert.

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