Providing strategic headcount planning with data on recruitment capacity

Every department needs to know how well-equipped their staff is to accomplish objectives, and talent acquisition is no exception. The decisions TA takes about hiring have a big impact on the company.

Running an effective and smart recruiting department requires knowing what your staff can handle, regardless of whether your company is hiring like crazy or is just filling positions.

Talent Compass has been utilized by TA Leaders to manage headcount objectives and capacity planning since its beginnings for use Elephant Art Online Coupon. At Envoy, Carmen Coleman explains how:

With the release of Capacity Planner, our most recent Talent Compass upgrade, we’ve gone one step further. Capacity Planner helps TA become dependable partners by providing talent to the company on schedule and on budget. It does this by providing real-time ATS updates, scenario modeling, and historical recruiter output.

Boost your collaboration with Finance

Finance wants TA to outline how it intends to deliver the headcount in order to meet revenue targets. Regrettably, a lot of TA leaders find it difficult to prepare information for these discussions. Talent leaders can set reasonable hiring goals and provide a financial case for the resources they require by using Capacity Planner.

Make a flexible plan without adding more labor to it.

It’s time you developed a plan that could adapt to the unforeseen events that arise in your company. Your plan will be impacted by everything from a turnover to the hiring of a new recruiter, and Capacity Planner helps you prepare for any unforeseen changes in advance. It is easier to foresee where to reallocate resources when you have proactive visibility into how the plan will look when a change occurs.

Establish realistic expectations with business associates.

It makes sense that some business partners might believe recruiters can add more open staff without making any trade-offs, given their lack of knowledge about TA’s present workload and bandwidth! Through transparent communication of capacity restrictions and expectations, TA may create a shared knowledge of what is and isn’t feasible based on reliable recruiting capacity data.

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