Different Types Of Tawaf In Ramadan Umrah Packages 2024

Tawaf comes from the Arabic word “Taafa” which refers to moving around or encircling something. In Islam, Tawaf is an integral part of both hajj and Umrah, where pilgrims circle the Kaaba seven times in an anti-clockwise direction. Tawaf starts from the point where Hajr-e-Aswad is located and it is mandatory to perform seven circles to complete the tawaf. Umrah and Hajj are incomplete without tawaf. During tawaf, Pilgrims recite different supplications and prayers according to the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (PBUH). It is not just a component of worship, but an act of devotion and kindness that brings pilgrims together. It is an emblem of accepting the greatness of Allah Almighty and devoting one’s desires to the creator.

For Muslims, performing Umrah in Ramadan is a dream come true for countless blessings, increased rewards, and fortune of Shab-e-Qadr during this Holy month. This is why Ramadan Umrah Packages 2024 are in high demand in the UK.

Importance Of Tawaf In Umrah

Doing seven rounds around the Kaaba doesn’t mean to worship the Kaaba but it is for the creator of everything, Allah Almighty. Even though Umrah has many steps from wearing Ihram, to entering the Kaaba, performing Sa’I, and cutting Hair, Tawaf is the most important of all. No pilgrimage whether Umrah or Hajj is acceptable without tawaf Al-Umrah. Tawaf increases love and care among Muslims. They feel connected to the Almighty. They feel humbled and blessed with internal peace. In Ramadan Umrah packages, performing tawaf gets 70 times more blessings than in other months. Therefore, millions of Muslims come to Mecca and Medinah each year during the Holy month of Ramadan to perform these Holy rituals.

Types Of Tawaf

Tawaf varies depending on your aim and reason to perform it. There are five types of tawaf which a Muslim can perform. Whether you are going for Umrah packages in Ramadan or any other month, these tawafs are performed in the same manner. These tawaf types are:

Tawaf Al-Qudum

This tawaf is performed as initial greetings from the pilgrims who come for Hajj Al-Qiraan or Hajj AL-Ifraad. The pilgrims must be in the state of Ihram before performing this Tawaf. Those pilgrims who come for the Hajj should perform the tawaf before the 9th of Dhul-Hijjah. It is the day when pilgrims stay at Arafat.

Tawaf Al-Umrah

This is the common type of tawaf that Muslims perform during their Umrah. those pilgrims who come for Hajj Al-Tamattu should perform the Umrah before performing their Hajj. While in standalone Umrah for Ramadan packages, pilgrims perform the Tawaf and then Sa’I and complete their Umrah by cutting their hair.

Tawaf Al-Ziyarah

This tawaf is also known as Tawaf Al-ifadah and is performed on the 10th of Dhul-Hijjah before going for jamarat in Mina. As Muslims leave the Ihram after Halq or Taqsir, this tawaf is performed in normal clothes. However, pilgrims are still not allowed for marital relations until they complete tawaf.

Tawaf Al-Widah

The Hajj pilgrims perform this tawaf before leaving the Holy City of Mecca after the completion of their Hajj. Pilgrims are not required to wear Ihram for this tawaf, they can complete this in normal clothes.

Nafl Tawaf

Last but not least, Nafl Tawaf is like Nafl Salah. Muslims can perform this tawaf as many times as possible. There are no time restrictions for performing Nafl tawaf during your Ramadan Umrah packages 2024. During your stay in Mecca, you should take great advantage of this opportunity and perform Nafl Tawafs during your Umrah Packages 2024.

Why Is It Mandatory To Perform Tawaf 7 Times?

Tawaf is a religious obligation. We know Allah Almighty is the ultimate source of wisdom. So, Muslims cannot question an act of worship but perform it. If we focus on Umrah, there are obligations other than tawaf which are performed seven times like Sa’I in Ramadan Umrah packages. We know the reason behind performing seven rounds of Sa’I as a sunnah of Hazrat Hajirah running between the mountains of Safa and Marwa to find water.

But as far as tawaf is concerned, we follow the Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) as they performed tawafs seven times during their Umrah and Hajj. For certain worships including tawaf, The Allah Almighty has not disclosed reasons for the Muslims. As true believers, we are bound to follow instructions given by the Holy Quran and performed by our Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Tawaf is a description that our lives revolve around the Allah Almighty. We are bound to ask for forgiveness, guidance, and support from the creator. There is no one in this universe except the Almighty to fulfil our wishes and guide us to the right path of ultimate success. In Ramadan, Umrah packages 2024 UK Muslims get the opportunity to perform Umrah and tawafs in the month of Ramadan and be successful in the life of both dimensions.

Duas To Recite During Tawaf

Tawaf is that part of your pilgrimage when you are circling the house of Allah Almighty in harmony with other Muslims. Your heart and soul are connected to the Almighty and every single prayer you recite is filled with devotion, love and request. At that time, Allah Almighty closely listens to your duas and gives you the rewards and His blessings. Therefore, as soon as your Ramadan Umrah packages 2024 are confirmed, you must start learning useful duas to recite during tawaf. Pilgrims can recite duas in their native language but they should not miss those duas that our Prophet (PBUH) used to pray. Here are some recommended duas from our Holy Prophet (PBUH) for your Umrah package:

Prayer 1: After making your intention for the Tawaf, you should face the Hajr-e-Aswad, open your palms, and recite the following dua:

Bismillahi Allahu Akbar Wa Lilla Hil Hamd

Prayer 2: during each round, as you reach between the Yemeni corner and the Hajr-e-Aswad, you should recite this dua:

Rabbanaa aatina fid dunya hasana tan, wa fil akhirati hasana tan, wa qinaah adhaban-nar


Tawaf is an integral part of an Umrah or Hajj. It is one of the oldest rituals in Islam. Muslims perform Tawaf as a sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). No Umrah is complete without the performance of tawaf around Kaaba. Of all months, Ramadan is the one in which Muslims get 70 times more rewards for their supplications and prayers. Therefore, if you are also looking to perform your Umrah, you should buy Ramadan Umrah packages 2024 and get the most out of your Holy pilgrimage.

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