Screen printing: technique, advantages and expertise

Have you heard many times about screen printing but don’t know what it is exactly? Today we try to explain it in very simple words! Keep reading and we will satisfy your thirst for knowledge!

The precise definition of screen printing and its translation into simple terms!

According to the Wikipedia definition, silk- screen printing is a permeographic printing technique which today uses a polyester fabric as a matrix, stretched over a wooden or metal frame, called a “silk-screen frame” or “silk-screen frame”. Screen printing fabric” is another name for this materialAll clear? Not exactly?

Then try seeing it this way: cut out a piece of paper, for example the outline of a cat that you have previously drawn; then place the paper cutout on an “empty” t-shirt, and pour some ink over the cutout, so that it can filter through the cutout to the t-shirt, leaving the outline of the cat on the t-shirt itself. Much clearer that way, isn’t it? Well, screen printing works like the process of positioning a cutout and “pouring” ink, except that it is a more refined process: instead of using the cutout of paper, in fact, a silk net is used/ polyester where the mesh parts are blocked using impenetrable ink.

The advantage of screen printing compared to other printing techniques

Screen printing is one of the oldest forms of clothing printing and has been used since the Song Dynasty in China (960-1279 BC). Since then, the process has been adapted and further improved by Japan, other Asian countries, and the United States. The main advantage of screen printing is the low cost combined with the printing speed: once a silk shirt pattern has been created, in fact, it is economically convenient to reuse the screen printing pattern for large quantities of t-shirts, since the only additional cost is the ‘ink as raw material. The screen printing process is also fast, resulting in lower labor costs. Hence, screen printing is the most preferred method for large quantities of printing. Just think that currently the screen printing technique represents around 50% of all t-shirts printed in the world!

Screen printing: at Dallas T Shirt Printing we are true craftsmen!

Screen printing, as can easily be understood, requires a very high level of professionalism which Dallas T Shirt Printing, thanks to its many years of experience, is able to offer you. We are true craftsmen and we can offer you many variations and special effects, such as screen printing with luminescent, iridescent, phosphorescent, scented or metallic inks, those with glitter effects or magnet effects and many others, based on your personal taste and your needs. We invite you to contact us at any time: we will be happy to put our recognized expertise in the field at your complete disposal!

Screen printing: when it is used

As we have already mentioned previously, this technique is favored where a large number of processes are desired. This is because once the matrix has been created, it is possible to quickly reproduce the graphics as many times as desired, reducing production costs and times. However, this is not the only reason that pushes us to use screen printing: combined with these advantages we find the possibility of transferring images and writings onto a very vast range of materials, which is not always possible with other types of printing. Its versatility makes this solution optimal for any purpose you wish to use it. Customizations can be carried out on:

● clothing

● accessories, for example shopping bags and hats

● different types of advertising support such as posters and posters

Even just from these few examples it is already possible to realize the infinite applications that make screen printing an excellent technology for customizing work uniforms, company gadgets , sports clothing and much more.

From here we also see how this can be useful for advertising purposes, not only for the more classic media such as billboards, but also for all those gadgets that can be given as gifts to current and future customers, to increase their trust and increase presence. of your company on the market.

If you are looking for professionals who can make your graphics come to life thanks to screen printing, rely on Dallas T Shirt Printing!

How to create the perfect t-shirt screen printing

Let’s get to the creative part, that is, the design of your screen-printed t-shirts. To begin, you must adhere to these three basic guidelines:

● choice of garment (material, shape, colour)

● choice of graphics

● choice of colors to use for printing

We have said that the materials on which the technique can be used are many. For your t-shirt screen printing you can therefore choose from cotton to technical fabrics, such as sports ones. This way you will have a very wide range of items to choose from and you will be able to decide on the style of t-shirt you like best. The second step is the most creative of all and includes designing the graphics you want to print on the garment. Let’s get creative, always remembering that screen printing is more suitable for more stylized designs and with intense shades of color. For super detailed images rich in pastel shades we recommend digital printing, another technique always proposed by Dallas T Shirt Printing for the customization of your clothing items. The third and final step is to decide which colors to use in the graphics that will then be printed. T-shirt screen printing is based on the overlapping of multiple inks which, when mixed, create color shades. It is therefore recommended to choose a few main colours, but not too many, to allow each ink to create the right light-dark contrast. This way you can get your beautiful and original silk-screened t-shirts!

T-shirt screen printing in Dalllas

Dallas T Shirt Printing offers a t-shirt screen printing service in Milan for all customers who wish to create personalized and original clothing. This technique can be used as an advertising marketing tool by companies that want to make themselves known. In fact, it is possible to design t-shirts that can be distributed both to your employees and to customers. In the first case we are talking about a gift that the company gives to its collaborators to thank them for the work and commitment they put in every day. T-shirt screen printing in Milan thus becomes a way to create greater corporate cohesion and demonstrates how every worker is important to making the business grow. In the second case, screen printing on t-shirts in Milan can be used to create corporate gadgets to give to customers. An unexpected gift is always a surprise and is an effective way of thanking the trust that these people have in your company. Screen printing of t-shirts in Milan can therefore be a way of increasing loyalty both within the company and on the customer side. Furthermore, personalized company t-shirts are a comfortable garment to use and can in turn be given as gifts to friends and relatives. This way your business will be able to reach more people and make itself known.


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