Snapchat Hourglass – How Long Does The Hourglass Last?

Snapchat remains one of the most popular apps among Gen Z even after several years of its launch. One of the key reasons for its popularity is its unique feature called streaks. However, there are many factors related to it that might not be easy to comprehend for most people such as Snapchat Hourglass. 

So if you’re also wondering what does hourglass mean on Snapchat? Then you’re in the right place. Let’s discover the mystery of the Snapchat hourglass through this article. 

What Does the Hourglass Symbol Represent on Snapchat? 

The hourglass symbol on Snapchat indicates that your streak with your particular friend is about to expire. Hence, it is an alert to save your streak within a limited amount of time and terminate the hourglass icon. 

It works as a reminder for people who are not punctual in sending streaks and don’t want their streaks to break. So, by looking at the hourglass symbol, you are reminded to keep your snap score going. 

Why Does An Hourglass on Snapchat Appear? 

Your snap score is the total number of days you have sent photos or videos to your particular friends. Snapchat doesn’t count text messages or sticker messages while considering the snap score. Hence, even if you’re chatting on text messages with your Snapchat friend, the hourglass icon will continue to appear if you’ve not sent the snap for a while. 

How Long Does An Hourglass Last on Snapchat? 

If we talk about the time duration of how long an hourglass lasts then there’s no specific answer. Sometimes it appears 2-3 hours before your streak is going to break. The time duration may vary according to different Snapchat users depending on how long they have been using Snapchat. 

How to Avoid the Hourglass on Snapchat? 

To avoid the snapchat hourglass icon, you must send at least one snap to your friend every 24 hours. It’s a two-way process so, your friend must also send you a return snap every 24 hours to keep the snap score going. 

Where Can You Find the Hourglass on Snapchat? 

You can locate the hourglass on Snapchat in the chat section, next to your friend’s profile name you’re making snap streaks with. It appears right next to the snap score along with other emojis. 

To Summarise

Snapchat hourglass is an icon that appears with the snap score next to your friend’s profile name. It indicates that the streak with your friends is about to expire. Hence, if you are wondering what does the hourglass on snapchat mean, it simply means that you are required to send your snap as soon as possible to prevent your streak from breaking. 

We hope you found this article helpful. 

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