The Art Of Selling Books In The UK: Expert Marketing Tips And Tricks

You might assume a book will sell itself if the content is good. We hate to break this to you, but that’s far from the truth. In fact, writing a book is probably the easiest step in the entire process. We know this might offend many authors out there, but we are just here to help.

We realize how much effort goes into planning and writing a book. And we don’t want all your efforts to get wasted simply because the story failed to catch the right attention. So, this blog will unveil some secret book marketing tips and tricks that will boost your sales through the roof. Let’s begin!

8 Tried-And-Tested Strategies To Promote Your Book And Increase Sales

Launch A Marketing Campaign The Day You Start Writing

If you began writing your book yesterday, you’re already behind in marketing it. The best time to launch your book’s marketing efforts is right from the moment you start working on it. This may sound unconventional, especially when the book isn’t even finished yet, but it presents a golden opportunity to generate anticipation around your work.

This is your chance to connect with potential readers and pique their interest in your upcoming book. These early supporters are often the first to order your book once it’s published, and in some cases, you might even secure preorders. The exciting part is that this can help boost your rankings on platforms like Amazon or other selling platforms without requiring assistance from eBook publishing with Britishpublishing.

If you’re wondering what to share while your book is in the cooking phase, here are some ideas:

  • Share snippets of what you’ve already written.
  • Discuss the sources of your inspiration.
  • Share insights into your writing process.
  • Share any fascinating research findings you’ve recently discovered.
  • Recommend your favourite books.
  • Share some interesting facts about yourself.
  • Discuss your journey of becoming a writer.

If your book is already published, don’t worry—it’s never too late to hop on the bandwagon. Just keep in mind that it may take some time before you start making sales, so don’t lose hope!

Find Your Ideal Reader

If you believe your book is for everyone, you couldn’t be more wrong. A book can never be a perfect fit for every reader on the planet – it needs to find its ideal audience. Think of it as finding a target audience. The narrower it is, the better!

For instance, let’s say your book’s genre is mystery romance. This doesn’t mean everyone who reads mystery or romance books is going to love your story. You have to be specific. Generally, women are more inclined towards romance novels.

So, you could maybe say your ideal readers are women who love mystery and romance. You could narrow it down further by defining the age group this book would more likely appeal to. Remember, finding your ideal reader can make your book marketing a lot easier and more fruitful!

Create An Author Website

You might not have a product or service to offer, but you’re still selling your words – you’re giving away experiences. So, an author website can help people get to know you and your voice. You don’t have to go overboard here. Just a simple site using WordPress or Wix will do the job!

If you don’t know what to do with your website, here are some ideas you can try:

  • Start A Blog: You can tell interesting stories about yourself or educate readers on something relevant to your brand. This will help build a connection.
  • Add A Link To Your Published Books: If you’re a published author already, consider creating a webpage with links to all your previous work. This will make your books easily discoverable, and new visitors can check them out to get acquainted with your work.
  • Build A Mailing List: Your website should include a form where users can provide their email address. This way, you can build a connection with those who want to hear from you.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

As long as you’re not a caveman, you probably already have a social media presence. But you might not have thought about using your social networking accounts to market your book. However, you don’t have to spread yourself too thin over every social media app. Instead, just pick one or two sites and channel all your efforts there!

Now this doesn’t mean you get to pick your favorites. The right platform is the one where your target audience is the most active. For instance, if your book is about energy trading, you will probably encounter more engagement on Twitter.

Similarly, a book on home improvement is likely to attract more audience on Pinterest or Instagram. To cut it short, do ample research before deciding which social media platform should be your weapon of choice.

Interact With Readers

Adding to the point above, it’s not enough to simply develop your social media presence. It’s important to engage with your readers too. But you have a book to write, so you can’t waste your time on the internet, right? That’s where expert British book marketers can come to your rescue.

You can hire them for your book marketing campaign, and they will keep the readers engaged while you focus on the writing process. They should reply to comments, ask questions, and even follow some of them – particularly those that have a huge following!

Design An Eye-Catching Cover

This is perhaps the most crucial aspect of your book’s marketing. If the cover design of your book fails to capture the attention, all your marketing efforts will go in vain. A cover is one of the first things that compel people to read a book. So, make sure it’s appealing, conveys the right message, and sets the appropriate mood for your book.

Create Book Samples

When you’re listing your book for sale on an online platform, offering a few free samples to capture a reader’s interest is essential. While it might seem logical to include the book’s best parts in the sample, the most effective approach is slightly different.

Instead, consider selecting samples that conclude with a cliffhanger. This strategy can be highly compelling, as it leaves the reader eager to know what happens next. As a result, they are more likely to be motivated to purchase the full book to satisfy their curiosity!

Wrapping Up: Follow These Tips To Create A Buzz Around Your Book

Book marketing may not be a breeze, but it’s certainly more accessible than it was before the internet era. Thanks to technology, things are easier now, so use it to your advantage and market your book the right way. By following the tips outlined above, you’ll be on the right path to success. Always remember that your book deserves to be read, and your goal should be to place it in the hands of those who will truly appreciate it!

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