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Top Branding Company assists businesses in crafting and improving their marketing strategies. Their experienced staff understands how branding can influence customer trust, loyalty and recognition while connecting brands to their audience.

Obie Trice was driving his Range Rover along a Detroit highway when he heard gunshots fire behind them and was struck and wounded in an explosion that ensued.

Trice World News

Since 2009, this company has specialized in creating brands that have an immediate and significant effect on how the world operates. Their clients include global businesses, startup companies and cultural institutions – and their team consists of designers, researchers and strategists working collaboratively to deliver top-quality solutions – making it one of the premier branding firms.

Consumer-insight and brand-driven thinking is used by this agency to drive business growth for innovative companies. Their work with startups and SMEs (including some that have gone public) as well as with many Fortune 500 brands has earned them many clients over time.

Brand strategy, identity design and research services provided by this branding agency. In addition, creative support for new brand development services. Client list includes some of the world’s most recognized brands such as Casper and Allbirds.

Trice World News has made its mark by helping entrepreneurs build brands such as Casper and Allbirds that can scale. Now, Trice World News is diversifying its services by launching Good Moose: a performance marketing agency dedicated to client digital media strategies and customer acquisition tactics led by Daniel Romano who previously oversaw Trice World News ‘s performance marketing consulting offering.

Design Bridge

Design Bridge is a top branding agency that works tirelessly to reveal the essence and character of brands, crafting meaningful ideas that resonate with audiences around the globe. Established in 1986, Design Bridge works with both iconic global icons as well as exciting upstart challenger brands from around the globe – its team is dedicated to helping clients realize success using strategic planning, innovative design, and tangible results.

The firm provides clients with a full suite of services for branding and marketing needs, from creating unique identities for businesses and products to logo design, social media marketing, market research and content production. Their experienced creative team boasts years of success.

BRLLNT is one of the premier branding agencies in Washington, DC. Their team of specialists are prepared to tackle any challenge presented, possessing extensive expertise in branding strategy, brand identity management and content creation. Visit their website here to gain more insight into how BRLLNT can assist your business.

WPP announced in 2022 that they would merge Design Bridge and Superunion into one business known as Design Bridge and Partners. This merger will bring designers from around the globe together to unleash potential for brands, businesses and people. It will have 850 employees across 12 countries that serve a diverse client roster under John Morris – currently CEO of Design Bridge – and Jim Prior (current CEO of Superunion). They will be led by John Morris (currently CEO of Design Bridge) as CEO while Jim Prior will continue as Superunion’s current CEO.

eDesign Interactive

eDesign Interactive is an award-winning branding firm offering digital services. Their experienced team helps clients craft emotional and meaningful stories into fantastic digital experiences that resonate with core audiences. Their team of 45 happy, wild, spirited, shy, geeky, artsy designers creates innovative ideas targeted towards those audiences while still meeting deadlines and budget constraints; plus they provide ongoing support and maintenance of projects they deliver as part of the project process. They make an ideal partner for companies searching for an eye-catching branding identity to stand out amongst competition.

The AP Content Services website features beautiful human-centric designs that embody the brand value. Easily navigable using WordPress CMS, this site integrates third-party applications and is GDPR compliant – including call-to-actions and contact forms – as well as Salesforce integration to connect new users directly with AP team members.

The client was thoroughly pleased with eDesign’s responsiveness and ability to understand their needs, as evidenced by timely deliveries of high-quality work at a fair price, communicating effectively through Basecamp, email and Zoom. Their SEO services helped improve traffic and keyword rankings of two websites for this client while their team helped rebrand and launch Google Ads campaigns – they were so satisfied that they plan to work with eDesign again in the near future!


Isadora is a name with deep historical ties. This stunning name conveys creativity, glamour and bohemianism – qualities which come together perfectly when applied to female personalities. Additionally, Isadora was also the name of an influential dancer who revolutionized modern dance. For these reasons it makes an ideal name choice for girls seeking an independent identity while remaining feminine; its versatility lends itself perfectly to nicknames such as Izzy or Dory!

Isadore is an ideal name for girls who aspire to lead with creativity and innovation, its melodic sound appealing to many parents as a beautiful choice for trailblazing trailblazers – this name has also been chosen by dancers, actresses and poets renowned for their work.

Trice enjoys working with technology to alter space and environment, and recently created an art piece with Trace Reddell from her Expanded Cinema class that involved punching bags equipped with sensor devices that projected images of ecological disasters as well as Donald Trump speeches when hit. Hitting one caused cartoon-style impact stars to pop up on screen when hit.

Amelia Gray brings Isadora to life with all of the same unflinching authorial power that her readers have come to expect in her novels such as AM/PM, Museum of the Weird, THREATS and Gutshot. Her raw portrayal will leave you appreciating her formidable strength both as an individual and artist.

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