Travel Credit Cards: Unlocking Perks for Frequent Flyers and Wanderers

Travel credit cards are made to ensure that frequent travelers get incredible perks on hotel and flight bookings and other benefits. Having a travel credit card makes it easier to travel comfortably and use all the exclusive perks. These perks may include getting travel points, complimentary airport lounge access, and more. 

However, it is important to know that every travel credit card differs, and all of them have various benefits that differ from each other. At the same time, you need to know that you must not spend the entirety of your credit limit with a travel credit card since that will affect your credit score. Hence, you must make a CIBIL score check free whenever you can. 

Best Perks for Flyers through Travel Credit Cards

Travel credit cards deliver several perks centered around travelers. These perks will be your companion in every aspect of your journey. Hence, you can discover them through the list below:

Access to Airport Lounge

Travel credit cards are known for providing international and domestic lounge access. Most travel credit cards come with a complimentary membership to the priority pass program, which provides lounge access. It also gives you many free visits to partner lounges. 

Air Mile Earnings

Travel credit cards provide air miles that you can use to book flight tickets from travel websites that are dedicated to the bank. Some travel cards even allow you to transfer air miles and pick frequent flyer programs. Some cards may even let you change your reward points into air miles. 

Accelerated Rewards on Travel

Based on the type of travel credit card you may get, the bank can give you accelerated rewards based on a specific category. On these cards, you can get extra rewards when you make a holiday booking or book air tickets through the credit card. You can then use all the accumulated points for merchandise, gifts or other travel benefits. 

Travel Voucher

Another common benefit that most travel credit cards give you is travel vouchers from a travel website or an airline that you can receive when you reach or join a spending milestone. 

Co-branded Benefits

Many travel credit card providers provide cards associated with travel websites or airlines. For instance, SBI has cards collaborated with Air India, and ICICI bank has cards co-branded with MakeMyTrip. Cards like these are great for you if you want to be loyal to a specific brand. 

Get the Right Travel Credit Card

You will get several options when you get a travel credit card. And it can sometimes be confusing to get the right one. Therefore, you must understand your spending habits to get the best credit card. Also, going for a CIBIL score check free via a CIBIL score app will let you know your current financial status, which can help you pick the right travel card that will suit your lifestyle better. Hence, you can get the perfect card by following the points below:

Pick a Card with Lounge Access if A Frequent Flyer

If you are someone who frequently travels for business, then it’s highly beneficial to have free lounge access. Hence, you need a card that gives you access to domestic or international lounges according to your needs. At the same time, your visit to the lounge will be limited. So once you have exhausted all your free visits, you must pay for the lounge. 

Pick a Co-Branded Travel Card if You are Loyal to a Brand

Many card issuers can offer you a credit card associated with different airlines, such as British Airways and Air India, or even travel platforms like MakeMyTrip, Yatra, etc. Therefore, you can choose these cards if you want to be loyal to a specific brand and also book holidays or tickets through them. You can get benefits in these cases, which can be free tickets or a flat discount. 


A travel credit card is immensely useful even when you have an unsatiated wanderlust. Travel credit cards ensure you can travel comfortably and enjoy your experience with various discounts and perks. At the same time, your credit card will influence your credit score and can make it stronger. Hence, you must make a CIBIL score check free through the CIBIL score app as frequently as possible. That way, you can ensure that your score improves with how you use your credit card. 

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