Unlock the 5 Secrets of Rigid Drawer Boxes Wholesale

If you are a business person selling products like cosmetic items or any gift-like item, you must have some secret ideas to be distinctive and attractive. Customers always prefer products having more mysterious and innovative looks.

Therefore, the packaging boxes of your products can create such scenarios. For this, you must work on the idealistic design of rigid drawer boxes. These are powerful tools to grab your customers’ eyes within seconds.

In order to stay out of the competition, you have to read this blog carefully to know the magical secrets of drawer boxes. The first and foremost secret feature of these boxes is their rigid and sturdy nature and alluring functionality to grab maximum customers. 

Redesign Your Space with Rigid Drawer Boxes

You will surely agree with the fact that customised packaging is the face of your products. But, if you want to place your product in a packaging box having an alluring face with optimal space, then a rigid drawer box is the ultimate solution. 

You can redesign your packaging with better space with just a few add-ons. They can elevate your business with their distinctive structure and better space utilisation. Through this, you can ship larger products using an optimal container space. 

5 Incredible Secrets to Revamp Your Products’ Appearance

Sometimes, you have some creative ideas in your mind related to any aspect of daily life hacks. But you cannot turn those ideas into reality. Similarly, maybe you know the following secrets about rigid drawer packaging, but you have never considered them to grab customers’ crowds. 

Thus, after reading this blog and knowing the magical facts about these boxes, you will go for having them as your priority. So, let’s have a brief knowledge of these stunning facts and beat the business battle! 

Improved Unboxing Experience

Rigid drawer boxes are the only packaging boxes through which your customers can have the quickest unboxing. The reason is their drawer-like opening and closing interface has a creative and enticing handling system.

Some sort of luminous and decorative strings or foils can be added to their opening, giving customers an engaging experience. Thus, they also get attached to your products, having a long-lasting and impressive unboxing experience.

Easy Insight to Actual Product

Having a sliding interface, the customers can get an easy sneak peek feature to their inside products. Most of the time, customers reject a product just due to not having access to the inside product. Thus, to overcome the insecurity concerns of your worthy customers about your delicate and fancy products, these rigid drawer packaging boxes are the very best. 

Your gift products always spotlight the customer’s vision when they are visible to your highly quality-conscious customers. Moreover, you can also add a die-cut or window option on these boxes and then customers will come from far away to open the product with alluring looks inside. 

Multi-Functional Ability

Custom drawer boxes are the packaging boxes that can draw high customers’ attention towards your brand or your products, having no extra investment. The only reason behind this is their sturdiness and rigidity in having a cost-effective promotional feature. 

They will get to know your brand name, logo, and other features through their engaging opening and closing features. Thus, you can get more customer loyalty due to the ever-lasting customer experience. Moreover, you can also introduce their reusability like an organiser or a shelf-like medium after unboxing. Hence, their multi-functional feature can be a magical tool for driving high sales of your gift items. 

Effective Utilisation of Material

Through customisation, you can utilise the right material with the right quantity. A rigid drawer box is manufactured with an optimal design structure. Therefore, you can save material waste, directly affecting the manufacturing cost.

The design of drawer boxes is such that they don’t have any tuck end but still can be closed without additional adhesives. Thus, cardboard and adhesives, both materials’ costs, can be cut down efficiently. 

Luxurious and Eco-Friendly

The most effective and enticing secret about these rigid drawer boxes is their eco-friendly nature with no more boring looks. You don’t have to use any plastic or environment effective material in order to get shiny and plush looks.

Their drawer-like sliding interface with colourful and decorative tops can provide rich and luxurious looks to your delicate and precious products. Thus, you can ensure safety and glow with one go. 

Wrap Up

Summarising all the discussion, the ultimate focus is to prefer using rigid drawer boxes to get high business sales for a long time. These custom printed boxes are the all-star choice of wise entrepreneurs, and they are enjoying high ROI. 

So, don’t get late and grab the golden opportunity to boost your business with custom drawer boxes through Vive Printing. The secrets mentioned above about these boxes are the comprehensive guide to get your unbeatable business heights. 


What is the best material for a rigid drawer box?

There may be different materials to manufacture a drawer box according to the varying size and weight of the inside product. But chipboard and paperboard materials are usually suitable for all.

How can I give a sneak peek at custom printed boxes?

You can manufacture the printed boxes with a die-cut or window-like design. Through this type of design, your customers can easily have a sneak peek at your inside product.

What is the difference between rigid boxes and rigid drawer boxes?

Rigid boxes are the ones used in the shipment of heavier and delicate products. Meanwhile, due to their gift-like look, rigid drawer-like packaging boxes can be used for small, delicate and gift items. 

From where can I get drawer boxes with a short budget?

You can get your custom drawer boxes from worldwide companies. But, if you have a small or startup business, Vive Printing is the best and most budget-friendly company to provide you with these alluring boxes. 

What is the minimum quantity I can get for rigid drawer packaging? 

There is no fixed quantity to get your boxes in Vive Printing. You can get these drawer packaging boxes in any shortest quantity you need.