Vishwambhari Stuti Lyrics in Gujarati – વિશ્વંભરી સ્તુતિ

If you’ve ever been in search of solace or a spiritual connection, you’ve likely turned to music to find it. Music has a unique ability to touch our souls and elevate our spirits, especially when it carries the essence of devotion and faith. One such melodious gem that has transcended generations and continues to resonate with the devout is the “Vishwambhari Stuti.” In this blog, we’ll delve into the captivating world of the “Vishwambhari Stuti Lyrics in Gujarati,” sung by the talented Kinjal Dave and composed by Mayur Nadiya, with lyrics rooted in tradition.

Now, let’s embark on a soul-enriching journey through the verses of this divine composition.

Vishwambhari Stuti Lyrics in Gujarati | ગુજરાતીમાં વિશ્વંભરી સ્તુતિ ગીતો

વિશ્વંભરી અખિલ વિશ્વતણી જનેતા,

વિદ્યા ધરી વદનમાં વસજો વિધાતા |

દુર્બુદ્ધિને દુર કરી સદ્બુદ્ધિ આપો,

મામ્ પાહિ ઓમ ભગવતિ ભવ દુઃખ કાપો ||

ભુલો પડી ભવરણે ભટકુ ભવાની,

સૂજે નહી લગિર કોઈ દિશા જવાની |

ભાસે ભયંકર વળી મનના ઉતાપો,

મામ્ પાહી ઓમ ભગવતિ ભવ દુઃખ કાપો ||

આ રંકને ઉગરવા નથી કોઈ આરો,

જનમાન્ધ છું જનની હુ ગ્રહિ બાળ તારો |

ના શું સુણો ભગવતિ શિશુ ના વિલાપો,

મામ્ પાહિ ઓમ ભગવતિ ભવ દુઃખ કાપો ||

મા કર્મ જન્મ કથની કરતા વિચારૂં,

આ સૃષ્ટિમા તુજ વિના નથી કોઈ મરૂં |

કોને કહું કઠણ યોગ તણો બળાપો,

મામ્ પાહિ ઓમ ભગવતિ ભવ દુઃખ કાપો ||

હું કામ ક્રોધ મદ મોહ થકી છકેલો,

આડંબરે અતિ ઘણો મદથી બકેલો |

દોષો થકી દુષિત ના કરી માફ પાપો,

મામે પાહિ ઓમ ભગવતિ ભવ દુઃખ કાપો || Please Write Here Full Lyrics

The Spiritual Significance

The Vishwambhari Stuti holds profound spiritual significance among the Gujarati-speaking community and beyond. It is a hymn dedicated to Goddess Amba, the divine mother, who is believed to be the nurturer, protector, and provider of all. The lyrics convey deep devotion and gratitude towards the goddess for her benevolence and grace.

The Power of Kinjal Dave’s Voice

When we talk about the Vishwambhari Stuti in contemporary times, one name that immediately comes to mind is Kinjal Dave. Known for her enchanting voice and soulful renditions, Kinjal Dave has breathed new life into this age-old composition. Her rendition strikes a harmonious balance between tradition and modernity, making it accessible and relatable to a wider audience.

Kinjal’s voice resonates with genuine emotion and unwavering faith, making the listener feel the divine presence. It’s a testament to her skill and dedication that she can convey the essence of devotion through her music, bridging the gap between generations.

Behind the Scenes

While the singer and the music composer play pivotal roles in bringing a composition to life, it’s essential to acknowledge the contribution of the entire creative team behind the Vishwambhari Stuti.

Lalit Dave: The Producer

Lalit Dave, as the producer, played a crucial role in ensuring that every aspect of the rendition was executed seamlessly. His dedication to preserving the sanctity of the Vishwambhari Stuti while infusing it with a modern touch is commendable.

Malhar Jani: The Director

Malhar Jani, the director, brought a visual dimension to the rendition. His vision and storytelling skills added depth and meaning to the music video, creating a holistic and immersive experience for the audience.

Dhruwal Patel and Vaibhav Vyas: The DOPs

The Directors of Photography, Dhruwal Patel and Vaibhav Vyas, deserve special mention for their exceptional cinematography. They captured the essence of the Stuti with breathtaking visuals that complemented the music beautifully.

Milen Patel: The Assistant

Behind every great production, there’s a dedicated assistant making sure everything runs smoothly. Milen Patel, in this case, played a crucial role in assisting the team, ensuring that all elements fell into place seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the significance of the Vishwambhari Stuti?

A1: The Vishwambhari Stuti is a revered hymn dedicated to Goddess Amba, symbolizing her role as the nurturing and protective divine mother. It is sung to express gratitude and devotion towards her.

Q2: Who is the singer of the Vishwambhari Stuti in Gujarati?

A2: The talented Kinjal Dave is the singer of the Vishwambhari Stuti in Gujarati. Her rendition has garnered widespread acclaim for its soul-stirring impact.

Q3: Can you provide the full lyrics of the Vishwambhari Stuti?

A3: Certainly! Here are the full lyrics of the Vishwambhari Stuti:

(Full lyrics provided above)

Q4: What is the role of Mayur Nadiya in this rendition?

A4: Mayur Nadiya is the music composer for the Vishwambhari Stuti. His composition blends tradition with a contemporary touch, making the rendition appealing to a wide audience.

In Conclusion

The Vishwambhari Stuti is not just a song; it’s a spiritual journey that connects the devotee with the divine. Through the melodious rendition by Kinjal Dave, this timeless hymn continues to touch the hearts of millions, transcending language and cultural boundaries. With the creative team’s dedication and vision, this musical offering becomes a complete sensory experience, bringing us closer to the divine in a way that words alone cannot express. The Vishwambhari Stuti is a reminder that music, faith, and devotion are powerful bridges that can lead us to a higher state of consciousness and inner peace.

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