Step 1: Get the products ready
The products must be prepared first. First, use a grinder to grind the cannabis flowers. The effectiveness of the results increases with the finer the grinder. Fill the BHO extraction tube halfway with the crushed flowers. Make sure the glass tube is thick enough if you’re using one to prevent breaking or cracks during the extraction process. For one hour, place the BHO extraction tube in the freezer.

Step Two: Distraction
Remove one end of the BHO extraction tube from the freezer and set it on the hot plate. Install the titanium or quartz nail on the opposite side for saucegrowing Coupon. Since titanium or quartz nails are heat resistant and facilitate even extraction, they are typically chosen over other materials. Start spraying the BHO extraction gas through the BHO extraction tube. The euphoric ingredients in the cannabis will be picked up by the gas as it passes through the flowers. Terpenes, cannabinoids, and other psychotropic components are ultimately extracted from the cannabis plant using a high-pressure process that concentrates them into a liquid.

Step 3: Handle the BHO
The golden-colored, viscous liquid that emerges from the gas pressure will be thick. Transfer the contents into a glass bowl and set it on top of a Teflon pan that has boiling water in it. Take caution; this phase needs continuous focus. Set a saucepan of water over medium heat in the hob. To prevent the water pot from bursting, make sure the glass bowl is not in contact with the bottom. Stir the BHO in the glass dish for approximately half an hour using a metal spatula. Removing the solvents from the psychotropic substances is the aim. Take cautious not to touch the water pan’s glass bowl as this could cause.

Step 4- Execute a Wax Extraction 
After they have been cleared of any psychotropic substances, solvents will evaporate outside for a whole day. Although this process occurs naturally, employing a water bath helps speed it up. After ensuring that the bowl is at room temperature, leave it alone for a full day. After allowing the BHO to crystallize spontaneously for an extra day, the particular Wax is achieved. After that, scrape out the created wax crystals with a scraper.

Step 5: Stocking the BHO and Wax
After obtaining the BHO and Wax, place them in glass containers with an airtight top. To keep the components from oxidizing, these containers need to have an airtight lid (much like for food). Ensure that the containers are positioned in a cool area, away from moisture and direct sunshine. The items may melt at temperatures higher than 60°C, therefore exercise caution when storing or shipping them.

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