What Are Conditions Of Tawaf For Umrah Package In Ramadan

Performing seven rounds around the Holy Kaaba is known as tawaf. It is an integral part of your pilgrimage whether it is Umrah or Hajj. No pilgrimage is complete without the performance of tawaf. Since it is a compulsory ritual for Umrah, there are certain conditions and restrictions for the pilgrims to perform tawaf. The pilgrims need to understand and comply with the requirements to complete the tawaf of their Umrah Package in Ramadan. Umrah in the holy month of Ramadan has much significance among Muslims as in this month, Allah Almighty shows His blessings and rewards on the Muslims. How beautiful it will be to perform Umrah in this Holy month and ask for forgiveness and guidance from the creator.

In this blog, I have listed some essential conditions for a pilgrim to comply with before performing the Tawaf of his/her Umrah. I hope these will help you during your Umrah.

Being A Muslim

For any person to perform tawaf, He/she should be a believer. If a non-believer performs tawaf, it won’t be of any significance. Umrah is a pilgrimage of the Muslims, therefore, there is no reason for any non-Muslim to perform tawaf of Umrah during Ramadan Umrah package 2024.

Being A Sound-Minded Person

For any Muslim who has reached the age of discernment, performing tawaf and even Umrah is valid. But if a person is not in a sound state of mind, or is too young, Umrah and tawaf won’t be acceptable. In some Islamic schools of thought, it is considered that if the parent or guardian of a child who has not reached discernment age performs the niyyah for the child, his/her Umrah will be valid. While other schools don’t agree with this.

Making The Niyyah

There is a Hadith of our Holy Prophet (PBUH), which states that a person will get what he/she intends for. This clearly shows that intention/Niyyah has significant importance while performing any Islamic ritual. Therefore, pilgrims should make their Niyyah before performing tawaf al-Umrah of their Umrah package in Ramadan 2024.

State Of Purity

For any Islamic ritual, being pure and clean is the utmost necessity for a Muslim. If a person is not pure, he/she is not allowed to perform tawaf or any other ritual. Being pure includes making a waddu or doing a ghusl, wearing neat and clean clothes, and then coming to perform tawaf. The Umrah package in Ramadan has significance because pilgrims remain in a state of purity due to their fast and continuous supplication during this holy month.

Covering The Body

If a pilgrim does tawaf or any other religious obligation without wearing any clothes, his/her tawaf won’t be valid. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) forbade the Muslims to perform tawaf around kaaba naked. According to Shaykh Ibn Uthymin, if a person does tawaf naked, this is not only invalid but also forbidden by the Prophet (PBUH). Therefore, you should dress according to the instructions during your Umrah Ramadan package 2024.

Completing Seven Rounds

The pilgrims must perform seven rounds of the Kaaba to complete their tawaf during their Umrah package. Even if one step is omitted from a round, tawaf will be invalid. Every pilgrim must perform seven rounds starting and ending on Hajr-e-Aswad.

Keeping The Kaaba On One’s Left

Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) advised the Muslims to learn the rituals from his sunnah and Hadith. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) started his tawaf from Hajr-e-Aswad in an anti-clockwise way by keeping Kaaba on his left side. Therefore, Muslims must perform tawaf in the anti-clockwise direction. You must start and end on Hajr-e-Aswad during your Ramadan package 2024.

Tawaf Should Encompass All Of The Kaaba

You should not try to go through the Hijr to make your tawaf shorter. If any pilgrim does this, the tawaf will be invalid. You should encompass all the Kaaba during your Umrah packages 2024 to complete your tawaf.

Tawaf Should Be On The Foot

If a person is not disabled and can walk on foot, he/she must perform the tawaf on foot. No excuse is acceptable in this case. However, for differently abled pilgrims, there is relaxation in the Umrah package performing tawaf in a wheelchair or any other convenient source. This exception is also for old people, sick pilgrims or those pilgrims who are unable to walk properly for tawaf.

Rounds Should Be Done Consecutively

Another condition for tawaf is that pilgrims should complete all seven rounds of their umrah tawaf consecutively. Continuity of the rounds is a condition for the validity of tawafs. However, if there is a valid excuse, pilgrims can discontinue the rounds. But normal pilgrims must complete all seven rounds without taking breaks or discontinuing their rounds during Ramadan Umrah package 2024.

Tawaf Must Be Done Within Masjid Al-Haram

Muslims are required to perform tawaf around the Holy Kaaba. However, if the pilgrims make rounds outside the Mosque Al-Haram, they’ll be doing rounds around the Mosque, not the Kaaba. Therefore, the pilgrims must perform tawaf within the area of the mosque during their Umrah package in Ramadan.

Tawaf Should Start From Hajr-E-Aswad

It is required to start and end the tawaf from Hajr-e-Aswad. Some pilgrims start their tawaf from the gate of Kaaba and end there. Such tawafs and rounds are invalid. Therefore, if you are buying Umrah packages UK, you should make sure to start your rounds from Hajr-e-Aswad.


Umrah is such a blessing especially in the month of Ramadan when Muslims get much more benefits than usual. A huge number of Muslims come to Saudi Arabia for Umrah each year. However, due to some mistakes, they remain unable to benefit from the opportunity. In this blog, I have explained all the conditions that you should comply with before starting your Tawaf Al-Umrah during your Umrah package in Ramadan. If any pilgrim doesn’t comply with any of the above conditions, his/her tawaf may become invalid. So, I advise you to gather basic information before embarking on your journey.

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