What can you expect in a good Sikkim tour package?

When you speak of Sikkim, it is a tiny but gorgeous state that is beautifully snuggled in the northeastern area of India. It gets you a delightful mix of natural beauty, cultural richness, and even immense adventure. Once you explore Sikkim Tour Packages from Vadodara or from other places, you can see that they promise you a wonderful, memorable and comfortable journey via this Himalayan gem. These packages permit travellers like you to explore its diverse landscapes, even vibrant traditions, and distinct attractions. Once you read this post, you may get to know about different things you can expect from your tour package.

Mesmerising Tsomgo Lake  

Sikkim has several types of breathtaking lakes, and Tsomgo Lake is definitely one of the crown jewels. Your tour package could even take you to this mesmerizing high-altitude lake that is circled by snow-capped peaks. In winter, the lake simply freezes, developing a magical landscape. The journey to Tsomgo Lake itself is an adventure, having winding roads offering bird’s-eye views of the Himalayas.

Beautiful Capital: Gangtok 

The journey most of the times starts in Gangtok, the capital of this place Sikkim. Nestled at a height, this city is a vibrant and celebrated blend of tradition and modernity. Your tour package could include visits to spots like MG Marg, even the bustling heart of Gangtok, wherein you can choose to shop for local handicrafts and Taste scrumptious Sikkimese cuisine. As you walk through the market, you are going to be circled by the aroma of fulfilling momos, which is a popular local delicacy that you cannot miss out on.

The Crucial Nathula Pass  

Now, if you are one of the adventurous spirits or souls then some Sikkim trip packages include a trip to Nathula Pass, that is a high-altitude border post between countries India and China. The drive to Nathula is somewhat an experience in itself, with steep roads and even jaw-dropping views. At the pass, you can get to see the border gates and interact with even Indian army personnel. Make sure that you carry proper warm clothes, no matter whenever you visit there because the pass is mostly chilling!

Explore the Vibrant Pelling  

Pelling, another precious exploration in Sikkim’s crown, offers you gorgeous views of the Kanchenjunga, the third-highest mountain in the entire world. Your tour package could even include a visit to the Pemayangtse Monastery, a tranquil Buddhist monastery with intricate artwork and even a peaceful ambiance. The Rimbi Waterfall and the great Khecheopalri Lake, considered holy by the locals, are even must-visit fascinations in Pelling.

Check out Gurudongmar Lake  

You know in case the Sikkim trip or tour package extends to North Sikkim, Gurudongmar Lake is definitely probably on the itinerary. This is one sacred lake that is surrounded by snow-capped peaks, and the journey to visit here is an adventure in itself. The lake is definitely named after Guru Dongmar, and according to beliefs of people living in the local areas, the water therein has healing properties. The pristine and charming beauty of Gurudongmar Lake makes it a highpoint of many Sikkim tours.


To sum up, you need to patiently explore the Sikkim Tour Packages and then pick one that is great for your trip. You have no idea how you can grab a package that ensures you taste everything that Sikkim has to offer.

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