What is the best phone number to use for a business? 

Where first impressions often happen over the phone, choosing the perfect business number is paramount. The right business phone number can enhance your brand, attract customers, and make your business easily accessible. In this blog, we will explore what is the best number to use for a business.

Key factors to consider before choosing the best business phone number

When choosing a business phone number, consider:

  • Target audience Local, national or global reach? Tailor the number to your audience.
  • Type of number Toll-free, vanity, or local? Choose based on credibility and memorability.
  • Memorability Opt for simple, repetitive, or sequential digits for easy recall.
  • Scalability Ensure the number can grow with your business and support call forwarding.
  • Budget Compare costs, including monthly fees and additional features.
  • Regulations Check compliance with local regulations and number availability.
  • Customer support Opt for a provider with reliable customer service for assistance.

Which businesses can gain advantages from using a toll-free number?

  1. Seeking increased accessibility

Toll-free numbers, such as 800, 833, or 844 numbers, remove barriers for customers by allowing them to call without incurring charges. This accessibility is invaluable for businesses aiming to attract a broad customer base.

  1. Seeking versatility and customisation options
  • Toll-free vanity numbers

Businesses can create memorable and brand-specific toll-free vanity numbers (e.g., 1-800-FLOWERS), enhancing brand recall and customer engagement.

  • Toll-free virtual numbers

Virtual toll-free numbers offer flexibility by forwarding calls to any device, ensuring businesses remain connected, even on the go.

  1. Seeking international expansion and credibility
  • International toll-free numbers

For businesses targeting global markets, international toll-free numbers facilitate communication without international calling charges, fostering international customer relationships.

  • Credibility and professionalism

A toll-free number instils confidence in customers, conveying professionalism and credibility, regardless of the business size.

Which businesses can gain advantages from using a local phone number?

  1. Strong regional brand identity

Local phone numbers reinforce a strong regional identity, enhancing brand recognition in specific local markets.

  1. Trust and credibility

Local numbers instil trust among customers as they imply a physical presence in the region, fostering credibility.

  1. Establishing local presence

Local numbers are associated with specific locations, making them ideal for businesses aiming to establish a local presence in targeted regions or cities.

  1. Building a local customer base

Utilising local numbers helps businesses build a robust local customer base, enhancing community engagement and loyalty.

Benefits of using both local and toll-free numbers

  1. Inbound customer support

Toll-free numbers handle customer inquiries and support without charges, ensuring easy access for clients.

  1. Approachable sales calls

Local numbers for outbound sales create a friendly image, especially in specific regions, enhancing local presence and approachability.

  1. Efficient team delegation

Sharing one number among team members allows for streamlined call management. Specific hours and responsibilities can be assigned for organised customer interactions.

  1. Personalised customer experience

Multiple local numbers provide individual team members with unique lines and personalised voicemail greetings, enhancing customer experience and accessibility.

Acquire local and toll-free virtual numbers simultaneously with Wavetel Business

Stuck choosing between local and toll-free numbers? Wavetel Business offers both in the UK. Here’s how:

Step 1: Sign up

Register on Wavetel Business’s website or contact customer support, providing your business details and contact information.

Step 2: Choose your number type

Select either a local or toll-free number during sign-up. Can’t decide? You can have both with Wavetel Business.

Step 3: Customise your number

Tailor your number to your business by choosing a specific area code for local numbers or a memorable toll-free option.

Step 4: Activate your number

Follow Wavetel Business’s activation process, verifying your business details. Once activated, your local and toll-free virtual numbers are ready for use, enhancing your business communication capabilities.

Summing up: which is the best number to use for a business?

To sum up, selecting the best number for your business is a highly important decision that directly influences your brand’s image and customer interactions. Whether opting for a toll-free number to ensure broad accessibility and credibility, a local number to establish a strong regional presence and trust, or even embracing both for versatile communication, the choice should align with your specific business goals and target audience.

Toll-free numbers, such as 800, 833, or 844 numbers, remove barriers for customers, ensuring broad accessibility and credibility. Local numbers, on the other hand, strengthen regional identity, fostering trust and building a loyal customer base. Moreover, using both local and toll-free numbers offers versatile communication solutions, from inbound customer support to personalised customer experiences.

Additionally, businesses in the UK can benefit significantly from Wavetel Business, a service that seamlessly provides both local and toll-free virtual numbers. Their user-friendly approach allows customisation, enabling businesses to create a phone number strategy tailored to their unique needs.

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Never ignore that your business phone number is more than just digits. It’s a direct link between you and your customers. By making an informed decision, you not only enhance accessibility but also establish a foundation of trust, ensuring your business is approachable, professional, and ready to meet the needs of your clientele effectively.


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