What is the difference between Chandra Kundali and Lagna Kundali?

A Kundali/Birth Chart is a snapshot of the positions of planets and other celestial objects in the sky at the time of the birth of an individual. They are used as foundational tools for any kind of astrological guidance. It is used to gain insights into various aspects of life from love, career, and relationships to the overall purpose of life. The Kundali is usually divided into twelve astrological houses each representing a different area of life or a specific aspect of the individual’s personality. Zodiac signs also play a crucial role in determining various aspects of the life of an individual including personality traits, strengths, challenges, career potential, relationships, and life events. 

Chandra Kundali and Lagna Kundali are two types of Kundalis that have been used in Vedic Astrology. They are based on the position of varied celestial objects and they focus on different aspects of an individual’s life too. In this blog, we will understand both types of Kundalis separately and also see the difference between them. 


Chandrta Kundaali is also known as the Lunar Chart or Moon Chart. The special thing about Chandra Kundali is that it is based on the exact position of the Moon at the time of the birth of an individual. It is an additional chart that is analyzed along with the overall Birth Chart to comprehensively understand the emotional aspect. The chart is analyzed keeping the moon’s position as a priority, if the moon is placed in a certain house, it will become the first house rather than the naturally existing first house.


Lagna Kundali is the general Birth Chart that includes the positions of all celestial bodies at the time of birth of an individual. It is the foundational tool of all astrological insights about various aspects of an individual’s life. It includes analysis of positions and movement of the Sun, Moon, and all other planets in the twelve astrological houses and for all the twelve zodiac signs. It can give guidance about almost all aspects of an individual’s life from small areas to the most complicated aspects.


Chandra Kundali and Lagna Kundali are two types of birth charts that cover different elements but serve the same purpose. You can get your free online kundali on Anytime Astro just by entering a few basic details about yourself. By entering your name, date of birth, place, and time of birth you can get your Kundali ready in no time with the convenience of time and place. The platform has more than a thousand certified and skilled astrologers for any further guidance you need. The major difference between the Chandra Kundali and the Lagna Kundali is based on a few elements.

  • What they cover:

Chandra Kundali focuses on the emotional capacity, mental ability, feelings, and strong instincts of an individual. While the Lagna Kundali gives an overall analysis of an individual’s life covering all major aspects of their life.

  • Their foundation:

Lagna Kundali considers the positions and movements of the Sun, Moon, the planets, and all other celestial bodies to give insights into an individual’s life. Chandra Kundali specifically focuses on the position of the Moon at the time of birth. 

  • What they can provide insights on:

Chandra Kundali focuses on information about emotional compatibility, well-being, and how a person is expected to react in situations that involve emotional stability and sensitivity. On the other hand, Lagna Kundali analyzes compatibility and understanding in all aspects of life from business, love, and relationships to an individual’s relationship with themselves and the spiritual world. 

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  • Importance

Lagna Kundali is the most important chart that is used as the foundation for all the analysis and to gain insights into various aspects of an individual’s life. It can give an overall analysis, while Chandra Kundali is a complimentary chart that can give specific details into the emotional state of mind of an individual.

  • Perspective

Lagna Kundali is bound to give a broader perspective when compared with Chandra Kundlai; as it covers an individual’s overall life journey and events. It gives a perspective not limited to emotional needs and wants like Chandra Kundali but about everything and anything.


In summary, both Lagna and Chandra Kundali are used to gain insights into the lives of an individual. They are often used together by expert astrologers to gain insights about the emotions, and mental and physical well-being of an individual. They both together can provide a more comprehensive analysis of the different aspects of life. While Chandra Kundali can give specific details about the emotional needs, instincts, and thought processes of an individual, Lagna Kundali can give a holistic overview of their life. The insights gained from both these Kundalis or Birth Charts are extremely important to be able to make an informed decision. 

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