Mindful Eating Organic Food: 5 Tips Will Help You Maintain Balance

In today’s world, where viruses, pollution, junk food, and stressful life have taken a toll on our health, it has become indispensable to eat clean and mindfully. It’s a fact that whatever you put inside your body will have a big impact on your health. After all, your diet plays a major role in making you fit and healthy. Many people make a resolution to eat mindfully at the start of every year but eventually fail to follow it. So, without making any resolutions or going on a particular diet, you need to switch to organic and healthy food options and keep an eye on the food you are getting inside your body to maintain a fine balance. Earthy Tales, one of the leading organic food promoters and sellers online, offers an essential guide on how to maintain a fine balance by switching to mindful eating and organic food.

Once you adopt these changes and a result-proven guide on mindful eating, you can easily meet your health goals and keep yourself healthy. After all, building a mindful eating habit requires a guide and tips that one has to follow religiously.

Top 5 Tips to Maintain a Fine Balance and a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Switch to organic food.

It is now very important to switch to organic food due to the harmful chemicals, pesticides, and artificial fertilizers that are being used on normal farms. When it comes to organic food, its cultivation is being done responsibly in completely organic farms where no artificial or harmful chemicals are used for the cultivation. The crops are produced and grown on farms without the use of pesticides or herbicides. When it comes to organic meat and dairy products, they are also taken from animals that are consistently fed organic feed without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Hence, organic food comes clean without any artificial additives or synthetics. For instance, you can buy organic Makki atta or organic wheat flour in Noida and other parts from the leading organic food store, Earthy Tales.

  • Keep an eye on your calorie intake.

It is really important to keep an eye on calorie intake. Even healthy food should also be consumed in moderation without exceeding the prescribed calorie intake. The science behind calorie intake is that our body requires consistent energy, and calories offer this energy to keep your body functioning at its best. However, you can cut calories by switching to low-calorie food products such as organic food, whole-grain pasta, quinoa, etc. You can also reduce the portion size to minimize calorie intake. Drink a glass of water before taking any meal to keep yourself full for a longer period.

  • Consume more vegetables and fruits.

It’s really important to include fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily routine. Having seasonal fruits and vegetables daily can amplify the health benefits tenfold. The best part of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is that they are fewer calories, loaded with nutrients, and easy to cook and consume any time of the day. You can make a colorful salad by including a couple of fruits to eat regularly. When it comes to vegetables, you can either prepare a soup or curry or create a vegetable dish. However, make sure to not overcook the vegetables to keep their nutritional value intact.

  • Eat processed food occasionally.

Nowadays, people are eating processed or junk food almost every day. Due to their hectic official schedule and lifestyle, they don’t get much time to cook at home and end up eating junk food at the office or meetings. It is one of the biggest problems that can affect health to a great extent. Processed or junk food is chemically altered and contains high amounts of trans and unhealthy fats, sugar, sodium, preservatives, etc. Regular consumption of processed foods such as bread, pasta, Maggie, cold drinks, pizzas, burgers, etc. can lead to several health problems, including obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Hence, for the sake of health and to maintain a healthy lifestyle, minimize the processed food intake. You can consume it once or twice a month.

  • Reduce the intake of red meat and sugar.

If you eat junk food like burgers and steaks a lot, then you must be aware of the fact that they largely have red meat and processed sugar-loaded cheese inside that can severely cause type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. To live a healthy life and maintain a fine balance, you need to reduce the intake of both to a great extent before

  • Pick water over sugary drinks and coffee.

Many professionals nowadays are addicted to coffee and other sugary drinks that can cause multiple health problems such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, etc. It’s always better to consume water, homemade soups, green tea, or holistic coffee to stay away from deadly diseases and flush out the toxins from your body.

How do Earthy Tales help you with mindful eating and creating a fine balance?

Earthy Tales is on a mission to promote organic farming and deliver organic food to every doorstep in India. It has been working with farmers right from day one to educate them about organic farming and its benefits. Earthy Tales has partnered with over 700 farmers to grow chemical-free crops and promote organic methods. Also, the brand is catering its over 400 organic food products to over 12,000 families in Delhi, NCR, and other parts of the world. Knowing that organic food is one of the best ways to create a fine balance and live a healthy life by eliminating toxic chemicals, the brand leaves no stone unturned to offer the purest form of organic products. One can easily buy organic makki atta, organic wheat flour in Noida, and many more organic food products at its online store. With a hassle-free online organic food shopping experience and timely delivery, Earthy Tales makes it easy for everyone to consume chemical-free organic food.

About Earthy Tales

Founded in 2017 by Deepak Sabharwal, an ex-TATA, GE and Pepsi alumni, Earthy Tales is NCR’s most loved community led organic food brand, which works with organic farming communities to promote natural farming and city communities to increase awareness about Clean, Chemical free food.
Deepak quit his corporate life of 20 years to make our soils and food plate free of pesticides as Earthy Tales purpose.
You can read his inspiring story on https://theorganicmagazine.com/meet-the-plantpreneur/deepak-sabharwal-some-earthy-tales/

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