The Dos and Don’ts of Referencing in Your Law Essays

Referencing is an essential part of any academic work as it helps provide credit to the articles used as sources of information in framing the essay or assignment. It helps provide the reader with enough data to locate further explanation required about the information mentioned in the academic work. The standard referencing style in law essay writing and dissertations is the OSCOLA referencing style.

At times, the OSCOLA referencing may be confusing as so many criteria must be followed. However, you often get confused as you do not know the do’s and don’ts of referencing. That’s when it becomes necessary for individuals to seek law assignment help from professional writers. Here is a complete guide that will help you understand the action to present OSCOLA referencing in the law essays.

Do’s of Referencing in Law Essays

  • You must remember that the referencing done in law studies is often OSCOLA, which is presented in the footnotes. The law essay writing helps indicate that a citation is to be added as a footnote for the quote on the same page to indicate the source being accessed to present the fact. The footnote in the law assignment is marked by a footnote note number that is present at the end of the sentence or quote used. Remember to indicate the number for the footnote on the superscript at the end of the essay, and the law assignment writing helps suggest the number is to appear after any use of punctuations like full stop, comma, etc., such as: In the case of Robert v KFC6, it is identified that ….. The footnotes are to include the entire data of the source being used for citation at work. The law writing assignment helps suggest that students know the nature of sources to be cited in different ways in the footnote. 
  • The law dissertation help suggest that the students, while referencing in law essays, are to save spaces in presenting citations as abbreviations are often used against names for legal bodies and publications to be mentioned. The index of the abbreviations used will be mentioned separately in the footnote. 
  • The law dissertation includes referencing where the pages are pinpointed to inform the exact pages from which the student draws and writes the information. This is one of the best practices for referencing in law essays as it would help provide specific ideas to the reader regarding where mentioned information can be found in the referred source to clarify the expressed idea further. In mentioning the page number, the students are to follow the format: Dora v Albert [2003] 10 AC 67, 90. 
  • The law essay writing helps indicate that if you are inclined to refer to a judge’s comment, you must include the judge’s name with direct comments from the case report.
  • The law dissertation helps indicate that cross-referencing is often done in content for law dissertations. A similar thing is done in an essay for a law topic where the students can use cross-referencing to save space. In this case, the students referring to the previous source can inform “ibid”. 
  • The law essay writing help indicates that the students at law are to follow all the defined rules of OSCOLA referencing in writing the reference at the end of the content. The footnotes are not the only ones to be included, and an entire list of used references in the essay is required. The reference is to be listed alphabetically without fail, and it is to be ensured that no names are misspelt. 
  • The students are suggested by law essay writing help to use websites supporting reference making such as Citethisforme, etc. This is because they help maintain the correct referencing style format. The suggested referencing style of the university in writing the law essay is to be reviewed to ensure they are met as tutors provide marking at the end of the essay. 
  • The law essay help suggests that the students are to italicise the books and publication number in writing the footnote. The URLs of online publications and websites will be added to the law essay’s reference.  

Don’ts of References in Law Essay 

  • Students are suggested by the law essay writing help to avoid referencing at the last minute in the law essay. This is because it would lead to wrong referencing as students often hurry to complete the assignment within time. 
  • The students are suggested to refer to the sources in the law essay precisely as they have used. No fake referencing is to be made as it would indicate misconduct. 
  • In writing the law essays, the students should never forget to add the reference list at the end. All the sources used in writing the essay are to be listed in the reference, irrespective of whether they are mentioned in the footnote. The students should not think that the footnotes are the only place where the reference is to be mentioned for the sources used in writing the essay.  
  • The references in the footnote are not to be considered for setting in alphabetical order.
  • In mentioning the number of the reference in the content, the students are never to mention the number in subscript in law essay. This is because a number in the subscript does not mean anything, leading to poor citation of sources used in writing the essay. 
  • The students are to avoid manipulating the author’s name. If more than three authors are present, you must write et al. in the footnote. However, no shortcuts are to be included in the reference list to be submitted at the end of the essay.
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Thus, it can be concluded that referencing in law essays is hard if you have practical knowledge of the do’s and don’ts of the referencing style suggested to be followed in such essays. It would be best to keep an attentive eye in making the references so that no wrong sources are mentioned in support of the information in the essay.

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